Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22nd, 2014

Ima be quick again since well be talking this week, but it was a fun week. We had a christmas performance activity from all the missionaries from this stake (Milagro- theres 38 missionaries just in this stake) for all the members and investigators, our zone did a play about an Elder Scrooge, it was really funny im gonna try to get a copy of the video and give it to you. And we also sang a bunch of christmas hymns with scriptures, it was a really good night and i got to see a few of the converts from Bellavista, like the main man Mayra who we helped to get married and baptized right before l left that area, whos now pregnant so that was some interesting news. Ya but christmas is seriously the best, even though i dont feel anything like christmas over there, Im super happy and excited, I cant really comprehend how great is that love of god that entered into this world, that true gift that is Christ...he is the king of all kings, èven though he was a poor, born in the stable. He is our salvation. Im honored to be able share that right now. It was nice to share that with the stake that spirit.

A cute little story we had this week, we were trying to help an old man who was super afflicted, he needed food, and a priesthood blessing. And as were trying to help this poor man, a gnarly bible thumper lady came up just to start yelling at us, completely ruined everything we were trying to help the man understand. She was convinced that that man was already saved cause he went to their temple. I was even delighted to hear that she and her church were praying specifically for us to find the path of christ, how sweet is that, cause were tricked by the lies of men she says. It was so difficult to bite my tongue mostly because we were just trying to peacefully help a man nothing more. I really realized the importance of staying christlike as a representative of him, cause in the end despite what they know this is the trute gospel. true gospel in the end brings eternal life, that eternal life is knowing the father. Since Christ was also accused of teaching doctrines not true, he gave the way to know in john7.

 16 Jesus answered them, and said, My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.
17 If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine,whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

Its simply to do gods will, and try to apply it, which is hard to do when youre yelling, but we as members need then to match the message and share it with love. Anybody willing to know will know, thats a promise. It was a neat little experience, I learned from it. But ya thats basically all thats happening. Im super pumped to talk thursday!. Till then.
Elder Crisp

Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8th, 2014

I cant believe I already passed the one year point this last week, Its been an awesome year and Im super excited for this next one. I was reflecting on what Ive learned this last year, what Ive developed, and whatnot. One that was on my mind was goal setting, besides just the numbers the personal goals to improve. I have learned the importance of being eager to set goals and complete them. And I was studying a conference talk from the Liahona from Quentin l Cook, Choose Wisely, about setting the goals that are the best for us. Choosing what is gonna make us a better person. He explains how a not bad decision isnt equal to a not harmful decision, to really step and look where were going. And theres not any excuse we can make for not getting there, we cant self justify and make excuses to ourselves for not fulfulling what we want to be. Its a super good talk, everyone should read it, Im definitely gonna keep trying to apply that while im here cause its true what everyone says time is really short. I love what Iv learned so far, I love to read and study the scriptures now, I have a testimony of this church and of Jesus Christ that I could never have been able to gain outside of here.

Elder Juan Uceda from the 70, the area president, came to our zone conference this last week, and man it was super good. I always underestimated seventies, but he is super powerful and really is a true witness of Christ, he has one of the most calmest but impactful voices Ive heard. He talked to us about. He says the repentance is a principle of perfection- it is sweet he says. That there is no exalted being that is disobedient, if thats what we want, to be exalted, we need to learn to be exactly obendient, thats not just a principle of the mission but life. President Riggins shared about how DC4 was not revealed about mission service, but service in general. So in any form of service we are in, in the church, or even family relationships, we need to be 100% committed....serve with all our heart might mind and strength, eye single to the glory of God. Like in the lamb sacrifices in moses times, if they didnt burn every thing it was worthless to kill the animal. Ha so we need to always burn, sacrifice ourselves completely to the lord, or others when we are in service. Elder Uceda shared a lot with us it was a bomb conference and I know without a doubt that he is called of God.

To close another scripture Elder Uceda shared...Nephi 14
14 And it came to pass that I, Nephi, beheld the power of the Lamb of God, that it descended upon the saints of the church of the Lamb, and upon the covenant people of the Lord, who were scattered upon all the face of the earth; and they were armed withrighteousness and with the power of God in great glory.

We as members in these days can be armed with that power and glory and righteousness.

Elder Crisp

Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st, 2014

We had a new convert this week his name is Jaime hes 45. Hes really cool, really really humble. Hes got epilexia, sometimes has really bad attacks when the moons full, so his brain is kind of shaken from that. He wasnt the easiest person to teach cause he didnt understand very well but he was so sure of what he was doing, and so ready....Right after his baptism he said very calmly, Im content to have given myself to the Lord, I know Im now in his road. It was really powerful his baptism. All he wants to do now is learn more and serve in the church, I know its gonna help him a lot, especially having the Spirit with him. His desire to come to churhc is surprising to us, he lives way out into the fields, like an hour traveling. But hed be ready, waiting, calling the family that he went with like 2 hours early its kind of funny. Hes a super good convert.

This was a good lesson to me about being patient, accepting the will of the lord for us...we worked super hard to finally get something here, and all that payed off cause the lord blessed us with an awesome convert, and a few awesome families this last week. I really hope we can help these people to "feel the christmas spirit" like everyone always cheesily says haha, no but really come to christ cause i know they are blessings from the lord that weve met them. I know that this is His work and that he really can do what he wants with us if were just diligent and patient. I love seeing these blessings come into others lives from the restored gospel. Its a lot of work on our parts, sometimes on theirs, but its so worth it cause its so true and eternal, and thats why its easy to serve a mission.

my semi american thanksgiving meal

Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24th, 2014

We had the oppurtunity to go to the temple this last week, it was pretty sweet. The temple is super beautiful, and just going teaches me so much every time. It makes me desire even more to help the families that we talk to every day get past those first requisites to be able to prepare to enter the temple. I really know that the temple is the house of the lord here on earth. I am not gonna be with you guys on thanksgiving but I am grateful for the fact that God restored temples with the church. And that theres one in my mission.

Something that was on my mind this week was the topic of faith. We got asked kind of a smug question from somebody, if we would have the faith to walk on water to Christ. The answer for me is honestly no, I say cause not even peter could stay up. Its the truth that we have a releatively small portion of the faith that is required of us, and thats something president riggins said this week....If we havent moved a mountain with just a thought, or walked on water, why stop trying to improve in faith. How can we settle? How can we stop trying to study and understand the words of God, understand what it is to have faith. I think really the lesson is to never conform to who we are, but continually grow in f aith. Unless we can walk on water, I think once that happens well have enough.

I love the question, What do you think about when you dont need be thinking, And I love this scripture as well in DYC 43

34 Hearken ye to these words. Behold, I am Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. Treasure these things up in your hearts, andlet the solemnities of eternity rest upon your minds.

35 Be sober. Keep all my commandments. Even so. Amen.


Elder Crisp

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17th, 2014

This week went by way super fast, I think itd speeding up too much. I was reading a lot this week from the talk from Elder Holland, the Cost and Blessings of Discipleship, he talks about why its difficult sometimes to live the gospel and serve in it. He mentions how nowadays the gods that people want are the ones who pat us on the head, make us a giggle, and tell us to go run along and pick marigolds. I wish that wasnt so perfectly true here, how much people just want God to be comfortable, loving, and not expect anything from us. I think that is one of the most important things we can learn, that Im trying to learn, is how God really is, if we want to know how to remain faithful to him. Because like Holland says, the question what would jesus do? doesnt always bring a popular response....Even though the image of God has diminished, here especially, we need to serve the same God that we read about in the Bible. Thats super difficult today, but we need to do the unpopular thing and always be a disciple.

That came up from some opposition that was coming up, in other areas closer to the city (luckily were way out in a bubble) theres a ton of antimormon literature going around, and some sisters were getting persecuted pretty bad for it. I know its a lot worse in other missions, but I noticed it was coming up a lot this week, contention and gross words. Investigators that want to stay in sin, or crazy boyfriends that make threats when the other chooses they want to live the laws of God. Its all really fun stuff, but I know all this opposition is nothing near the joy of the gospel...the restored gospel. Its ok cause we still have the power and authority so were gonna win. Its the same power that Christ conferred through his hands to Peter, that Peter conferred through his hands to other disciples like Stephen during his life (Acts6), and after his life as well to another disciple Joseph 200 years ago. It came directly, physically from Christ and not from some dream some dude had. That is why this message is so powerful, and why were gonna top all the ugly stuff and blasephemy and change in the view of God that there is in the world.

Con Amor Elder Crisp

We went to do service at a Cocoa farm and found a field of a [ton] of tabacco and we almost left a pamphlet of the Word of Wisdom by it

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10th, 2014

Wow so I got a lot more birthday wishes that was cool, it was a pretty cool day here a sister made me a cake so that was cool, and a part from that it was a good week too, Im super comfortable in this area and Im really heppy to be here, were really improving and seeing quite a few people progress, I really think that the fruits of these labors are coming soon. We have the man Jaime whos doing great, puts in a lot of effort to understand the scriptures. And we got Neli a lady who has been with us a while, who just seperated herself from her man who she had been living with for 12 years in fornication cause he didnt wanted to get married. Shes really cool but kind of crazy, but she taught me a lot when she responded simply to the question why she wanted to seperate...Because I love God.

We had a super cool experience this week, with a less active whos name is David.....He doesnt usually live here but his brother does, who happened to be our ivestigator (his brother/wife are the ones who gave us the cuy).They werent really progressing and started to avoid us so we hadnt been visiting them, but the other night when we had nothing to do we decided to go back to their house, and there we came across David. He was going to go work in columbia but quit that job cause he decided to start looking for god we found him and he told us that he had been praying that wed come to help encourage him to continue in the church. It was not in our plans at all that day to go there and even though we didnt realize it we were led there by God...It is really true that we can feel successful simply by knowing that the spirit led us, knowing that we did the will of the father. David hasnt been going to church for a few years, but gave up his job to figure out everything. He is a good example of following the guide that God gives us, and really listening and acting on those answers, cause now hes committed himself to keep going to church. All he did was be humble and ask for something specific, and decided before to make the decision that god was giving him.

"Organize yourselves, and prepare yourselves, and sanctify yourselves; yea, purify your hearts, and cleanse your hands and your feet before me, that I may make you clean;

That I may testify unto your Father, and your God, and my God, that you are clean from the blood of this wicked generation;that I may fulfil this promise, this great and last promise, which I have made unto you, when I will."


Elder Crisp

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3rd, 2014

Its been kind of frustrating this week cause all the people that we had been finding that were super receptive, dont seem to want to do anything to progress or learn...they seemed like super chosen families but they are too caught up in other things so its been really difficult to try to help them understand better all of this. But in spite of that it was cool we had 2 super good investigators come to church, and they came by themselves with out much (if any) help or reminder from us. It was an awesome surprise cause I didnt think wed have anybody, we got to church and this man Jaime who we taught 1 time, and lives 40 minutes out into the field, was waiting for us, and shotly after this man Jose came who previously told us he wouldnt be able to come today. It was a super cool experience, they both enjoyed the church, I know it had something to do with the fast, the fast always makes things better.

We had a little conference thing with President Riggins for the missionaries that are in training right now and it was super cool something he said. He said that Change is the Breakfast of Champions....those that are willing to change with the champions of the eternal life. He said how we need to always be looking for ways to change and be better, like the boy that asked Jesus, What Lack I Yet? What more do we need to do to be perfect. I think that that is something we should always have in mind, is that we need to change always, cause there is always something more we lack, we being inperfect. That was something that impacted me a lot. Sometimes we settle for what weve done, or what we are, but were never anywhere close to where we need to be. If we know where were going, whats the point of looking back, or settling. So ya we need to always be chomping on those wheaties of change, every morning, day, and night.

So ya thanks for all the support, and the birthday wishes, keep it one hunnid.

Elder Crisp

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27th, 2014

How goes it, all is well out here. It was a good week, struggling to encounter the people weve been to before, but in the process found a couple super cool families....Ive really found a lot of power in using the Family Proclamation, people really see the reson for the family and the importance they have in the lives of those around them. Its cool to see them set goals for themselves to have the happiness they read about in the proclamation. It was suprising to meet and start teaching 2 families that are already married....ha its super rare but it makes describing all of this a whole lot more meaningful. One of the families, its just a couple but they live with the guys mom too, are Juan and Patricia Sanchez. And theyre way cool they gave us to try cuy, which was my first time. (Cuy is guinea pig, the people from the mountains eat it here)

I was thinking a lot about the experience that peter had the night before Christs death, how its like us a lot of times. How he promises the lord hell go to prison or death with him, but then couldnt stay and watch with him. And how he could cut off the ear of the servant in front of Christ, but then when he was alone couldnt admit that he even knew him. Sometimes we can have desires to serve one second but then the next fall to the temptaion to be laidback in serving God. Or we forget who we are in a hard time and reject our true beleifs. Really we can learn from Peter and stay firm in the faith always, just as he wept, and learned from his mistakes, we can always look for ways to serve better and more faithfully, not leaving Christ alone in Getsemani or in the hands of the high priest. Thats my message today.

Elder Crisp

Cuy asado

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20th, 2014

It was a good week here in Simon Bolivar, the people here are slowly being exposed to the reality that the power and authority of Jesus Christ are present and very alive in this world chalked full of lies like he never even established his church, or that we dont need to follow his way exactly just follow something that looks like it. This really is his church, and we were able to find quite a few people to try to help understand that these things are true.

We met a super cool lady this week her names Maria, her niece in the branch but is kind of inactive. We taught about the book of Mormon and she was really interested in it, but then through out the week she wasnt really reading it...I thought she would be one of the people (usually the older folk) that dont want to actually do anything. So we invited her to church, and to keep reading, and we prayed with her that she would have the desires to start to do the invitations... and she actually came. In the meeting the President mentioned the story of Lehis dream in Nephi 8. Maria got super excited cause she recognized the story...the night before she couldnt sleep, so she picked up the book, and read 10 chapters! It was super cool to see that she read an understood, and she enjoyed the meeting a lot from that talk. Shes progressing to be baptized in November.

I was reading the chapter about abinadi in Mosiah 13, a really good example of the faith we need and determination to follow the commandments. He says in 3 and 4 that they will not touch him because he still had not sayed and done exactly what God had commanded, that he had to finish his message, his commandment before they could kill. Just thinking about how strong he had to be in faith, how firm he was that what he was standing for was the truth, that they couldnt even touch him before he did what was commanded. I think it should be the same with us, that nothing should get in our way of being obedient, or reaching out to others, and that if were firm in our knowledge and faith well be this great example to others no.

Elder Crisp

We made a mattress fort but it fell.

The truth is I dont know this guy but he doesnt have feet and wanted a picture with me

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13th, 2014

This week we decided to do a fast to be able to have more success, and it worked really well. The idea came from a quote I remembered from conference that fasting, and caring for the poor, is a reflection of our spirutal maturity. We hadnt been able to even teach people much before, but the last three days of this last week there wasnt really an hour where we werent occupied with lessons, It was a huge blessing. We have a man Jose who lost a leg and is about to lose the other, whos super humble and its humbling to me, he wants to work hard to be able to make it church. Another lady we have been teaching is Silvana, who was given the book of mormon by other missionaries way before. She just recently decided to pick it up and read it, she refused to before, but now she knows without doubt that its true, she even shares it with her friends at work. Thats the problem with her, she works sundays, its one of the most common challenges, and with all the people we have right now the challenges they have to overcome require a lot of faith. Thats something Ive thought about is if I would have the faith to do it. I want so bad for them to advance but I know that means I need to have way more than the faith they need to be able to keep advancing.

The main man Carlos who I talked about last week is still progressing towards his matrimony and baptism, hes super excited and willing to change....thats something we were talking about is the convanant it is, specifically to take the name of Christ (like in Mosiah 7) and he really wants that more than anything. Theyre gonna go get all their papers in this wednesday, So Im hoping theyll be able to get married the next week, Im just hoping there wont be problems with that process.

We have the truth and all of it too....we have such a greater oppurtunity to understand Christ because of the Book of Mormon, it really does leave such a good testimony that Christ is our savior. It was a lot of work to get that record to us but God put those words together, preserved them, and called his servants to deliver it to us because we need it more than ever. The remaining descendents of those very people need it. We all need that word and that testimony, and we need prophets today too, that is why it is so important to know that we really do have all of the truth. So why dont we put a little more focus in that testimony, the book. Ya so have a good week all

Elder Crisp

October 6th, 2014

We dont have too much going on with investigators right now, we do have one that were now preparing to get married/baptized. His names Carlos hes 45 or something, hes living with his girlfriend a member of the church thats ya hes listened to missionaries before, knows a bunch of stuff about the church, likes listening to her read the book of Mormon, its just hes never had the desire to get married nor actually learn more. So Im hoping that now hes ready, his girlfriend says hes changed a bit now. When we taught about baptism he said there is no way Im gonna get rebaptized (already was in a evangelical church) but his girlfriend shared a powerful testimony and the scriptures hit him super hard and the spirit was super strong. By the end, he basically started chanted with a huge smile on his face yes I will, in the name of my lord I will be baptized the 18th haha. So ya so far hes excited to join the church but he needs a lot of prayers.

The rest of the week was basically trying to encourage people for conference, it didnt work too well, but we did bring Carlos to conference. We said to ourselves after the last session, after Elder Bednar spoke about why were so direct and persistent in missionary work DIRECTLY to investigators, and the Elder Kacher spoke about how to find the real answers and not fall to lies or "currents", that it woulkd have been perfect for specificaly those investigators that didnt come. That was kind of a pain that we missed that oppurtunity ha.

Conference was pretty sweet, it was super inspiring. I was noticing quite a few self evaluting questions pop up that are super powerful....
Are my eyes facing God?
How would an interview with Christ go (would I focus on the negative things)?
Would I accept the invitation to follow Christ and be baptized today?
Is my testimony of the gospel real? Is It mine?
Is it me?, betraying Christ (would I look around at others sins or mine own at the last supper)
If I keep living the same way and seeking the same goals, will the promises of my patriarchal blessing be fulfilled?
With these really we can teach ourselves how we need to imporve. There was also a lot of emphasis in holding tight to what we know, studying always to improve our testimonies, and watching out for the false voices that there are in the world today.

I liked the quote from the elder Martinez that was in spanish (which was awesome)
basically go get to work serving others, helping the ward, doing your responsablilites, or else youre not good for anything. Ha enjoy the life.

Elder Crisp

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29th, 2014

So last tuesday I got transferred....Ha so now Im in a little town called Simon Bolivar, its pretty small, and its kind of in the middle of nowhere, its pretty cool though theres just huge fields of trees in miles every direction. Its a branch here, only about 40 attend, but right now theres 4 missionaries so i think the work will speed up here. I think the members and missionaries that have been here havent been too positive about how it is right now. But its funny ive just been trying to meet as many members as possible, and to every one i ask Do you want a chapel or what? and then they get pumped up Ya of course! Were gonna get to work with the members and make it happen here.

Im now with an Elder Jensen, from Ogden Utah. Hes new to the mission, hes been here like 6 weeks....Hes super cool and wants to work, learn, and teach. Its interesting being back with an American but I think its way funner. We dont have very many investigators right now but the people are pretty humble here and love to talk so Im excited. Were gonna focus on inviting people to conference this week (I cant wait for conference) and on the prophet and apostels that there are here, I hope we can find people who understand the importance of that.

I was super excited that id be "staying" in my last area but I got called in the night. But the area im in is relatively close to my last area, basically the same zone, so I got permission to go to the baptism of the main man Mayra, she was super ready and content and it was an awesome baptism. I remember back to when we first started teaching her, and she had an awesome experience with the blessing that she recieved, really it was a miracle that happened with her. I never doubted from that moment that she would keep progressing because of her testimony of the priesthood. That the most powerful tool we have as the restored church of Jesus Christ. Thats really why the church here in this tiny little branch is the same in every corner of earth. I know that it is connected with God because of that authority, and that is why the Church of Jesus Christ is absoultely perfect. Im so happy to be able to help people understand that here in the mission.

Happy Week Elder Crisp

mayra y edison
my old ward mission learder

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22nd, 2014

So turns out Im staying here in bellavista, luckily. This last week we didnt have too much going on we did have a few people come to church, one was a lady Elsa who weve been teaching for a while, she and her granddaughter came. She really enjoys the church, she has quite a few problems in her life right now, 2 of her sons are complete bums druggies to start. So shes has full stress, it makes it hard to teach to her cause her minds never there. But she has huge desires to learn, and to obtain the Holy Ghost which weve been focusing with here. Ive noticed that Ive been praying a lot harder, especially for her, so she can just get her testimony shes so close haha. Ive really gained a testimony of how prayer works.... something I remember from an mtc talk from holland. When we want our investigators to pray harder, thats cause God wants us to pray harder. All of our investigators need a bunch of prayers right now they all have a bunch of challenges.

I heard something super cool this start, about 2 months ago, the RS president here gave me a referal of her friend who lives in Gardena, I guess hes got a pretty popular band there. (she origanally wanted me to give it to you guys cause supposedly everyone in California knows each other haha) so I gave it to the mission, usually mission to mission referals dont arrive they say. As i sent it I alsmost said to myself this is a waste of time. But finally the missionaries got to his house, he accepted them, and in the first lesson asked to golden question to them - "what do i have to do to be baptized" So ya now hes attending church and prepping for baptism, he told her on facebook, when the sister told me that I just got the chills. How awesome is that that shes doing missionary work from here in Ecuador even to LA. How easy was it to share the gospel for her.

Lucas 5 made me remember of something that always happens here in the mission, and even in the normal life, something the phariseos said to jesus.
30 But their scribes and Pharisees murmured against his disciples, saying, Why do ye eat and drink with publicans and sinners? 33 ¶And they said unto him, Why do the disciples of John fast often, and make prayers, and likewise the disciples of the Pharisees; but thine eat and drink?

This just goes to show that the amount of specualtation people have against the church is the same that Christ had here on earth. ALL the time people are asking, if youre christians, why do you do this, or that. If your church is true why arent the members perfect. The usual (mind my language) crap. People allways want to compare the Church of Jesus Christ with all these evangelical churches here, or with the catholic, and it comforts me to know that people did the exact same thing with Christ. And its also a reminder that we are being compared, and watched. Not to say lets fast and pray to be seen of men, but If theyre gonna waste their time judging lets at least be good examples am i right. I thought that little topic was really interesting.

So ya thats basically whats going on here, Im happy with all thats going on right now, Im grateful for the challenges that I have everyday cause it reminds me that God is real, Christs church is right here its all true.

Love, Elder Crisp

This is the couple thats gonna get married friday, Edison and mayra thats gonna get baptized. I know what youre gonna ask, Ill say right now hes 49, shes 23. Dont think me to be a bad person for supporting this.

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15th, 2014

I feel like ive grown a bunch this last week, and I feel super happy to be here in Milagro still. My testimony of the Savior is strengthened every day, and I want it to be known that I know he is living and he guides us as his church every day, this is his church there is no doubt. The words of the song Asombro Me Da (I Stand All Amazed) hit me so hard it brought me to tears yesterday at church as I shared my hymnal with Antonio, someone who I was able to help a little bit to come to Christ now a month ago. The second verse hit me especially hard.
I marvel that he would descend from his throne divine
To rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine,
That he should extend his great love unto such as I,
Sufficient to own, to redeem, and to justify.

We had a sweet little fundraiser for the wedding of the main man Mayra, we (they) sold 100 plates of food (200 bucks) and raised a lot more money than we need haha....but ya everythings good for her wedding the 26th, shes super pumped for baptism too! The bad part is that next week 30 new missionaries are coming, and Pres. Riggins straight up told E Alcantara that hell be training... Ill probably be leaving before seeing the wedding/baptism (Like what happened with Diana in my other area, AGAIN this happens to me). I really hope I can stay to see the matrimony, But its still cool cause shes super converted, already paying tithing, prepping to be able to do baptisms in the temple and everything.

Apart from her, we have quite a few people listening, and were striving hard to be able to have them come to church... We met a super cool family of sisters with a bunch of little kids, after teaching we found out one, Aleyda, had already been baptized, but he two sisters also agreed to start prepping. Aleyda came to church after a few years of inactivity and enjoyed it a ton, shes got a few seroious health problems so I feel like we found her at the perfect time....It would be awesome to see the whole house follow her example and come to church as well, well see. Its going well with what we have right now in this sector.

Jacob 4:10
10 Wherefore, brethren, seek not to counsel the Lord, but to takecounsel from his hand. For behold, ye yourselves know that he counseleth in wisdom, and in justice, and in great mercy, over all his works.

Con Amor,
Elder Crispa

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8th, 2014

This week was way too quick, I seriously feel like it was two or maybe three days...and Elder Alcantara finally finished his first 12 weeks. Wow I cant believe how quick that was those 3 months, but at the same time it was a big challenge Im greatful for that. We didnt have that much doing this week, we met quite a few new investigators but already theyve lost their desires kinda....we had only Mayra come to church from 5 people that were pretty solid. But Mayra is super animated for everything, for her wedding and baptism. We have the ward involved a bunch with them, we have an activity planned to sell a bunch of plates of food to raise money for her wedding in 2 weeks. Its super cool to see everyone else excited for her to be able to get married, for that shes gonna be super strong in the church cause shes told us shes never felt so loved in her life.

I saw a really great example of humillity and faith yesterday, in an elderly brother we visited. His wife has severe dementia, she hasnt been able to leave the house in years, and they live way way out in the field, like a mile from everything in a little run down hut. Hes super down in his health as well, he can barely walk, his 5 kids dont help at all to care for his wife...he has to leave her, walk all that way to church to catch the sacrament meeting and go early to look after her...and he still walks with a smile on his face. Every one of his kids are inactives of 20 years, hes been attending church alone and faithfully all that time( always looking for new referals). And It hurts him so bad that his kids are so bitter to him and the church, hes trying so hard to bring his grandchildren to the church, inspite of his children fighting with him about it. I know that hes not gonna have all of his family with him on the other side, but for his faith and sacrifice and love he will be happy in paradise no matter what. He asked a blessing, and after said simply but powerfully, I know the Lord is with me, and with us, and that well see each other again after we go home. He was super greatful for our visit, but really I learned and felt so much from that man hes a huge example. We need to keep fighting the good fight, be even more faithful when its hard to stay firm.

I liked a scripture from 2 Nephi 26 
23 For behold, my beloved brethren, I say unto you that the Lord God worketh not in darkness.
24 He doeth not anything save it be for the benefit of the world;for he loveth the world, even that he layeth down his own life that he may draw all men unto him. Wherefore, he commandeth none that they shall not partake of his salvation

The love that Chirst showed to the world for his sacrifice is everlasting and stronger than anything else that God will ever give us....and its open for every single to person. It must hurt him a lot that he has given this huge gift and yet there are so many that dont want it. But I know with all my heart that he died for us and that his atonement is available for all those that come unto him. I am glad to be able to share this love with others, and to be as close as I am with my Savior than ever before. And I know this is his church

Elder Crisp

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1st, 2014

We had a super cool experience this week, we met a woman Elsa like 60 at her door, at first she said No im fine. But we were basically like ya we are too and kept talking. Ha she actually let us in, and we ended up sharing the restoration with her daughter and the daughter of her daughter, and her two sons, they all accepted to be baptized. We wouldnt have had that if we werent persistent. The whole thing got crazier when we went to a sisters house who lives near by to accompany us with the next appt., turns out they are super good friends. And Elsas name was on her referral list (we have a program with the ward where they put names of their friends, and have a checklist of things to do to prepare them for us). One of the suggestions to do for their friends is to simply pray for them. This sister told us that the day before she had prayed for Elsas name. And boom we found her without even recieving the referral from this member. Super sweet miracle we had.

Elsa and only her granddaughter could come (it turns out her sons were out till 6 am drinking...) and we also had Mayra the lady whose going to get married in church. It was kind of frustrating, for the combined 3rd hour for the 5th sunday, the 1st counselor in the stake came to talk about problems with our stake. All of the less actives that there are, the problems with the seminary program, people not doing anything in their callings, member teens drinking and smoking, basically everything negative about the church. And there we have our investigators and converts there haha. But the two said that they did like the message, so i guess theres no problems there ha.

Something I have learned a lot about this week is charity. I learned a great lesson about the simple fact that charity is long suffering. It should really be difficult to serve, to give, to love even when theres absoulutely nothing for us. and if we really have charity, it wont be difficult at all. If that makes sense. I had a huge wakeup call with that this week, really where Im at with charity is not where I thought I was. I think its the same for everyone...We can love until its hard to love. But The counsel from Mormon is so true- To pray with all the energy of your soul to have this gift from god, to be filled with this pure love of Christ. I never thought thatd actually be a desire of mine, to love more. But really its all that matters. Were nothing without it right. Till next time compadres.

Elder Crisp

Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25th, 2014

This week was chill. We were able to go to the temple for a session early in the morning tuesday, the temple is beautiful. President was persistent in getting us to look for how the temple can apply to the mission work. Really theres too many ways to apply what we gain from those ordinances to every person we meet, how thats what we need to have in goal is to be able enter the house of the lord and have those eternal blessings. One thing I was focusing on is the principle of consecration, consecrating all my time and efforts here in the mission. Its a huge promise, and its hard sometimes, but if we cant work that hard for these people how can we expect them to offer their time as members. Thats something we need to remember as members, is to really give all that we can to serve others always.

We started teaching a women this last week, her names maira and shes super cool. Her boyfriend is a less active member (theres a good 20 years between them haha) and theyre living together, but theyre super excited to get married, and shes excited for baptism. The first time we taguht her we gave her a blessing of health at the end...When we came back and asked hows it going with her testimony, she said ya I already have it. She said she knows the preiesthood worked- the day after the blessing, while driving with her mom, a few huge tubes fell off the truck directly in front of her. She said miracously and almost unreal each one dodged the windshield, as she says they could have easily broke through the windshield and killed her. Nothing but her mirror broke. She instantly remember something that was said in the blessing, she told us. That God would be in her path, and nothing bad will come over her or impede her from continuing in her change. Wow that was amazing to here, really it gives me a testimony of how power the preiesthodod with faith can be. Were just waiting to hear when the wedding will be cause its always a pain here.

I found a cool scripture, and its related to something ive been wondering - can God really be saddened or angered or disappointed with all the sins right now. I mean he knew before that itd be like this right, that satan would go crazy and that itd be difficult to believe in him for many. In Moses 7, 26 it talks about how satans got this world by a chain and laughing...and it says in 28 that God see this. And Weeps. I dont know why but that gives me the worst feeling in the world. Our all mighty, loving father weeping because the devil has control over his children. And all that he has to stop that is us, his weak servants right. And it says in 41 that Enoch, his main man, wept with him, his heart was swollen. As he wept with god for his brethren, The lord showed him how the atonement will work with the the people here, and as He says in 44, Lift up your heart, and be glad; and look. The atonement is what gives us all hope that we can stop the heavens from weeping, that pumps me up that I can help god from his despair no. That whole chapters really good.

Have a good week, Im gonna try to too.

Love Elder Crisp

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 18th, 2014

Acts 2:47, "And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved."

The Lord really gave us a great blessing and added a new real great soul to the church.We baptized the main man Antonio this week, it was a super good baptism and he was super prepared for this change. He said when we first talked with him that he feels empty in his life, and he always has this countanance of depressed, but like in the picture he was super happy. Really what converted him is the book of mormon, from the instant we prensented he was excited to read. Ha in the three short weeks weve known him hes read almost to the end of 2 nephi. Hes been asking a lot about mission service too, ha before his baptism he asked if were gonna make him go the week after, but really he has strong desires to serve a mission, Im super excited to hear if he stays with those plans cause already hes got a great testimony.

I dont have that much to say nor time this week forgive me but know that you can make the pathway bright, you know. Every days a journey you know. Gods with us and hes with me and Im super happy for that. I hope that each one of you have a great week.

Elder Crisp

August 11th, 2014

Its been interesting this week, President put as a new indicator that we need to have 10 efficient contacts everyday, like contacts that want us to come back and listen and can progress. It doesnt seem that much but really its super great cause it forces us to work 100% more efficitent with time and harder. That and every wednesday now we have something called fishing day - were not allowed to have any appointments in our plans, we spend the whole day looking for new people. Its interesting but itll help i hope to have a lot more families to teach.

One cool experience we had was with an investigator Christian who weve had for a few weeks. Hes had quite a few doubts about leaving the catholic church, and hes been having some problems with his woman and for that he hasnt been in the mood really to listen. We asked him (and I realized it was inspired after) how has he felt the love of God in his life. He said theres a little park that he was at one time, super drunk, he didnt think he could make it home but after praying randomly his friend showed up and took him to his house, says that saved his life. So he has good memories of that park. We told him to go there to that park right after we leave to pray more sincerely than ever to know if this church is true. He told us the day after that he actually prayed for two things - the church and for his girlfriend to come back to him haha. He told us right after he finished the prayer, she called. That was his answer that hes doing the right thing changing, that these problems with her was for God to tell him to do something. Haha an interesting way to get the answer but hes once again wanting to be baptized. The problem is he didnt come to church yesterday, so he wont be baptized for at least one week more.

Other than that we havent had much, we met a bunch of new people this week, but problems with the sabbath or with desires to marriage have kept us from helping them to progress. One lady we met saturday her name is Tatiana is super super prepared. When we described the Joseph smith story she said THATS EXACTLY ME. Ha her parents are catholic, she has evangelist brothers, one Adventist, everyones in different churches and she says why does it have to be this way. So shes super pumped to read the Book of Mormon to fill her emptyness she says with the truth. She and her husband have been trying to get marryed for a couple years, theres problems cause they moved here from spain and this country doesnt know how to file documents, but we have faith with her, Shes super happy to be listening. Well have the main man Anthony baptized this saturday, ha we asked how he feels for his baptism and he says impatient. Ha Im super happy with what we have right now.

With Love

Elder Crisp

Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4th, 2014

Things went well this week, first we had a little training thing from President, he does a lot of these but this was specifically for new missionaries. Leanred about about basic teaching principles, and something he told us that stuck was "Maybe we cant do everything that Jesus Christ did, But we can do everything we do, like he would". If Jesus were a missionary nowadays I think hed be a little bit better than I am. I want to strive to be an exact representation of him in lessons. Its a high mango as they say here but its my goal.

We were also permitted to go to the temple with the ward, its the 15 year annivesary of the guayaquil temple right now. So that was super cool, it was my first time here going, we got to help out with the ordinances and some new converts do their own names. That was super sweet to see them enjoy doing the work even though all of this is brand new to them. It was a super beautiful night.

We met a new investigator named Antonio hes 19 and super cool. He doesnt go to church but likes to study the bible so hes got a bunch of interesting questions. When we started to teach him, we were about to start about the restoration, but he asked "How does one join your church". So we went straight to the gospel of christ to give him his answer, and he accepted to be baptized the 16th. He came to church yesterday and liked it, he was participating in Elders Quorum so it was cool. Yesterday we taught him the restoration, and he had doubts about almost every part, but after he asked his sincere questions he was basically like that makes so much sense. And especially about the book of mormon, he was super critical at first but by the end he was super animated to read it.

I really liked chapter 13 of Nephi I read this week. Its basically about the Apostasy that would come, how the devil would change everything and confuse everyone. The verse 32 is a good promise though.
Neither will the Lord God suffer that the Gentiles shall foreverremain in that awful state of blindness, which thou beholdest theyare in, because of the plain and most precious parts of the gospel ofthe Lamb which have been kept back by that abominable church,whose formation thou hast seen.
We need not remain in this blindless, its such a blessing that we have these PLAIN and precious things right their in the book of mormon. Its so plain for us, we dont need to interpret it like every feels they need to do with the bible. People who are really searching for the truth have it right there. The main man Antonio for example, who is an honest seeker of the truth and knowledge, now can open their eyes thanks to this promise of God. How beautiful is that.

I want you all to know that even though you get to go to dodger games and to the beach and what not, I really dont miss any of that at all. Ha just kidding it kills me to see all of your freaking pictures. Ha but seriously Im super happy being here and to see that youre all happy wasting your time with worldly things. Que pasen muyy buena semana chaoooooo

Elder Crisp

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th, 2014

This week was pretty interesting - we didnt have one day where we could work the whole day, it was kind of frustrating. One of my zone leaders got super sick, from tuesday to thursday we were on exchanges running around to be able to work in our area and thieres a little bit. So its been difficult trying to find new people to teach, but this week I have seen a huge change in one investigator. myself. Really I have felt more closer to Christ this week than never before, and I feel a lot more happier and immursed in the work. Im super greatful for the challenges I have right now they are not that bad but they have molded me and pushed me up a lot and I feel a lot better and secure with myself as a missionary right now.

Thursday. we had a little training thing from President, he started sharing from matthew 10, about following Christ- chapter 10 is loaded with good stuff I recieved a bunch of revelation that I completely overlooked before. In verse 37 and 38 it says basically he that loveth his family, or his life, more than Christ is not worthy of him, neither if we dont take up our cross. Look at that with Matthew 4:22 - Christ called his disciples, they immediately left their job, their family, their life to follow this stranger. Thats a huge example of faith and obedience - if I as a missionary expect investigadors to leave their familys traditions to follow us to Christ, I too need to take up my cross no. Give everything to him, drop my nets, drop every desire every ounce of worldliness behind. Its hard but thats really what he expects of each and everyone of us. To immediately follow him. with faith. with diligence. with whole heartedness.

I gotta tell you that friday we had a stake mission activity, a talent show thing, our ward did a play of the Prodigal son, haha I dont know how but I got cast last second as the adopted albino brother of the Prodigal son haha I dressed up as Alfalfa. Im sorry that Im staining the family name down here.

We had a super good baptism, the main man Emilio (I said he was 70 cause i thought he was, but really hes 60- he shaved his Grizzly Adams beard and lost about 15 years). He was super happy the whole service and the spirit was super strong. It was funny, hes one of those super calm people, and super timid, but when he came to church yesterday for his confirmation, he was running around greeting everybody haha he just opened up to everybody. So that really was the highlight of the week is the main man Emilio. Besides that we couldnt accomplish much, but I am super happy and content right now.

Elder Crisp

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7th, 2014

It was wierd no one here celebrated our independence day....but ya it was a good week. Right now we only have a few investigators, ones a little girl Korina whos grandma and brother are members, shes super excited for baptism. And the others name is Emelio in his 70s. I think he was a drunk all of his life, his mind isnt all there, but he listens really well and really does have good faith. So apart from them two we dont have much, something Ive realized is that here everyones really old...theyre in that stage where nothing matters haha so its a little funny trying to work with them but at the same time not that progressive. So really my focus has turned to reactivating less actives, I really now see the effect that has on people is seeing someone come to their door worried for them. We now have a couple of them coming to church, from more than anything just seeing that somebody remembers them. So do your home and visiting teaching every month every single one youre assigned to.

We had a good training from the new president (thats crazy that dad knows him!), hes a super good teacher obviously, gave us a b unch of good tips about finding the "chosen". To not waste a bunch of time and help those who are really ready for this gospel. He also talked about being edifying to the people. In d&C 50 22, It says that which doth noth edify is not of god, and is darkness. Everything we do as missionarys (and people) needs to be to build those around us up, or else we are doing something dark. It was really good the whole thing, Hes super energetic and cool im excited. So ya do your home teaching and be edifying in every place you go.

With love
Elder Crisp

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 30th, 2014

This week President Amayas mission ended, its been kinda wierd it was like the pope died. Now we have an American, he was a professor of religion at BYUI, im ecited to meet him. We had like a good bye zone conference to PRes Amaya, He told us a lot of good things, one thing that stuck with me is that a sister in the mission asked him the other day what class of missionary am I. He had to think for a while, but his response was that you are the class of missionary that you believe yourself to be. It made me think about if Im really the missionary I want to be, or that I should be. Some missionarys do all of these things just to look good to others, but really i Realized the only thing that matters if were making our ownselves proud and obviously God too.

Weve been stressing ourselves to really find people by the spirit, not just talking to whoever but contacting those who we are led to. Its been interesting and weve had some good conversations, a lot better than those when were just going through the motions with contacting. The thing i realized is that none of the people that I have taught that were baptized, were found through contacting, theyve all been from members. Which isnt a bad thing, but it means that there has been people Ive missed, thats unacceptable to me. ha.

Last night, the parents of Lucho, an investigator of ours who is still waiting for a interview for baptism from president, invited us for dinner and it was really neat. They are super duper Christians. I say christians cause i dont know what theyd be called in america, Here theyre called Evangelicos which would mean gospelists. So ya they were telling us about how theyre son was converted with the BoM. That it was day and night, he woke up after having read the BoM and was a completely new person. They said that they know it has to be the word of God, We have to have been sent from God for him to be converted. Cause really he already is converted. We found out he has been holding FHE with his parents to read the BoM with them. the only problem is they cant accept that theyre pastor isnt a prophet, they "cant" leave their church. But I can see that they are slowing being worked on by the SPirit and the whole family will come around.

Thats just a small testimony of how powerful that book is. I truly now see that its true that it brings people closer to god than any other. It cant be denied if it is read with an open heart. It came straight from God, and there is nothing more important on earth if one wants to be brought to a true testimony of how to gain salvation.

Con Amor,
Elder Crisp

With the zone and Pres sist Amaya
Check out my awkward pose trying to aviod contact with the sister

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23rd, 2014

I gave birth this week to a 130 pound Peruvian baby boy. Haha I recieved my new companion wednesday, His names Elder Alcántara from Lima. This first week has been super fun...I am still learning this area cause its huge and I havent been here long, so weve been getting lost a lot ha. But ya it was pretty wild the other day when Ecuador won. We were walking down the street, past literally every house was out on their porch watching the game, and the streets exploded at the same time, there were fireworks for the next 3 hours and a mob of no joke 50 motorcycles went up and down the streets screaming till 9 at night. Ha Freaking crazys.

We started the week pretty well, had a few investigators that started to progress. But yesterday they all dropped us. One because her "Christian" mom got angry and almost hit her cause shes listening to us. Another because she feels pressured by us and her husband whos a member, because we told them to pray and read together. And another, who had a solid date, attended church and everything, we had to give to the sisters in our ward cause we found out he lives in their half of the ward. So ya were starting over again, completely brand new basically.This kind of stuff is usual, but I dont know it bugged me a lot more, it was like one right after the other yesterday.

So I prayed hard last night that I could just forget what happened and just go out and kill it this week. And I got a huge help today as I studied in Moroni 9, I swear it was written just for me in that moment.

In Verse 4 mormon says. Behold, I am laboring with them continually; and when I speak the word of God with asharpness they tremble and anger against me; and when I use no sharpness they bharden their hearts against it; wherefore, I fear lest the Spirit of the Lord hath ceased cstriving with them.
6. And now, my beloved son, notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor adiligently; for if we should cease to blabor, we should be brought under condemnation; for we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God.

Ya that me good, Im not gonna stop trying, nor have bad thoughts about the people, nor put my head down, were gonna find those who are not gonna anger or harden their hearts. This work of the mission is important and this church is true, those who deny it will regret it, but were not gonna regret trying to help them. amen.

Elder Crisp

to my left is Elder Alcantara.

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16th, 2014

So not much has been happening here in the area- our only investigator who was gonna be baptized this Saturday, Luis, couldnt cause he didnt pass the interview, and without going into too much detail its not likely he ever will be. So that was a bummer- me and Elder Sanchez have been looking for new investigators with barely any luck, and we cut basically all of our investigators cause no ones progressing. Were basically starting over from scratch itll be fun.

Another cool thing is that Elder Sanchez had transfers this morning. Haha its cool cause I basically have one week in this area and I really dont know where anything is haha. I also found out that Im pregnant. Wednesday Im gonna be training! Im pumped honestly. Cause up until now i havent felt challenged, Ive been trying to self evaluate where i am as a missionary and I really don´t know yet. So with this brand new area and brand new start with finding investigators and brand new Elder, I think itll be a good test. I know its gonna be hard, but its gonna be a blast.

So thats really all I have. This countrys in a state of depression from the loss yesterday, were gonna cheer em up with the message of the restoration. So ya well see how it goes with this poor new missionary whos stuck with me wednesday. I hope you all have a delightful week read the scriptures ok.

Elder Crisp

A one photo summary of Ecudor during World cup
Despidiendo a Elder Sanchez

Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9th, 2014

"New Stuff"
So its was pretty crazy this last week. Tuesday, at like 11 in the morning I got a call- you have transfers be at the offices at 1. I was wondering the whole time why am I being transfered on a tuesday, but then i remembered that President has less than a month so he does whatever he wants. haha. No but seriously what happened is the assistants forgot to call 3 ya now Im in Milagro! Im in a ward called Bella Vista. My new companion is Elder Sanchez, a Chileno. So far so good with him, theres a bunch of chilenos in this zone it has made me realized what country has the worst spanish accent. Chile wins.

When I came he said we really dont have any investigators right now, they all fell last week. So that was kind of disappointing were starting new here, but weve already found some good investigators, from referrals. The members are a lot more helpful here Ive already seen. We had a really cool experience thursday, our plans fell through and we were about to start contacting, but we were like na wait man lets go get some empanadas Im hungry. So we started walking to a bakery, we pass a teen and he runs up to us. Told us he listened to the missionarys a while back but rejected them, but said he wants to start listening again. So we talked to him right there, set a date for this coming saturday, everythings good with him hes super excited. His mom is super christian, and they usually dont like mormons, but she was super excited to here hes going to be baptized, were trying to find a time to teach her too. So out of the blue we found 1, his names Luis.

We had a huge mission conference, the majority of the 3 missions here in guayaquil were there and we were told an apostle was coming. It was supposed to be Dallin H Oaks they told us, but he couldnt come his plane was having problems. So instead came W Chris Waddell from the quorum of the 70 it was awesome. He first told us, I was thinking right here what to speak about cause it was short notice, that why would Elder Oaks ask the 3 missions to gather if God knew he wouldnt be there. What do these missions need to hear. He said he realized what we need to know. That right now this city is being converting from the highest baptizing city in the world. To the highest retaining and activating city in the world. The main focus now for these 3 missions is to get people in the temple, something we have lost apparently cause everyones inactive.

The whole talk was awesome, one part he said that can apply to all of us not just missionarys. That Christ willingly accepted to come here, like we read in Abraham 3. But that doesnt mean he wanted to suffer like he did. But of course he did do the will of the father. The same with us. We chose his plan we chose to come here, so difficulty in this life is NOT an excuse to fall or lose faith. We need to take up our cup or cross or whatever and stay faithful. He said a bunch of great stuff really my whole mentallity has changed here. So Ya new area, good success here, everythings going well.

Love Elder Crisp

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2nd, 2014

"All is well, all is well"

We have continued to work with Diana for her marriage, really nothing is happening with the papers no one in the government wants to help, so we went to a lawyer whos a member who can speed it up. We went through a bunch to get his help (that was friday), and we go to her house last night- she tells us now there are problems in the relationship, she doesnt want to get married. Man that was fun to here. She was super emotional, so hopefully she was just upset at that moment, and she still wants to be baptized, so theres still hope, but still it was like why couldnt it just work out when we first started working with her...more than a month ago.

So ya because she was the only real investigator that we had, we worked a bunch to try to find new ones this week, but with basically no success. I dont know if this is just a busy time of year or what but we dont have much luck finding anyone, but I know theyll come...

We came across a family very interesting this week, we knocked their door and the dad let us in right away. He brought out his son and wife, they told us the son 18 is super sick mentally, can barely leave the house or do anything. They are super catholic, and the mom is hard as a rock - for example every scripture we share she says ya i read that yesterday i already know everything about the bible. They say that they have brought him to preists to heal him and what not but hes been sick for 2 years and nothing has changed. So we told them ya if you come to church we can have the bishop give a blessing from the real priesthood. After a lot of humbling they agreed, they came and recieved the blessing after what I think was a very impressioning sacrament meeting, I think they might be something, especially if the son improves. So theres one family weve been teaching at least

I was reading in the conference talk form Robert D Hales, there was a part I liked a bunch, he says why did the followers of Satan choose satan when they knew they would lose their earthly body? A similar question we can ask ourselves is why do we choose sin when we know the consuqences? The answer is because we are deciding to LOVE SATAN MORE THAN GOD. Really when we deny the promptings of the Spirit and choose somehting bad, we are making the same exact decision that third of hosts made, we are denying eternal blessings. Luckily we have a chance to regain those blessings, unlike them, but still we need to remember to follow God in all moment if we love him.

Thats all I have, enjoy the week, with love , Elder Crisp

my new nesquik goggles
celebrating kids day which is for some reason a holiday here

Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26th, 2014

Good day to all, its a beautiful day to live isn´t it. This week was fantastic like every other week. I was reading and pondering from DyC 58 the part where its says we should be anxiously engaged in a good cause. This scriptures way cool. Verse 26, says that if were compelled in all things, were lazy and dont gain anything. That is so true especially here, really if we as missionarys are expecting something to come to us, expecting to be told exactly how to find those to teach, we wont accomplish anything. We as agents in this life have to act for ourselves and be a creator of circumstances not a creature. We have helpers in this life, leaders of the church bishops home teachers but we need to be anxiously engaged in our own growth. Verse 29, He that doeth nothing until he is commanded, and recieveth commandments with a doubtful heart, and keepeth it with slothfulness, the same is damned. Ay lets not be lazy, lets be active in all things we do.

Ya so we have a few interesting investigators right now, no ones really progressing though. Theres one lady were teaching Anabel she has super bad problems with her marriage and so shes super receptive to our message about families. This last week she found out her husbands cheating, she already knew but she met the other women. Ya so shes been super down naturally and we told her ya if you come to church Sunday youll feel better. She says ya Ill definitely come, but only for the first hour- cause I have to go back to my house and make my husband breakfast. Ha that blew my mind but hey at least shes forgiving. No one else were teaching came to church besides this lady Diana, the investigator who still cant get married cause no one does anything in the civil records office.

So ya nothing really much more is going on out here, FIFAs coming up fast and this countries about to shut down for a month. But I have bets with like 5 different youths against Ecuador. Theres gonna be a lot of new ties around my neck real soon. But anyway I hope you all have a good week, whereever you art, be well thy part ok.

Elder Crisp

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th, 2014

It was annoying this week our investagator Diana went in to the office to set her appointment for her marriage, and in her records, her mom has an extra h in her name, and its different than on her ID so we have to wait another week for these people to fix her name, well be lucky if she gets married this week. Its like why does it have to be like this haha. But shes still super excited for baptism. I was scared these past two days cause something like 20 elders are finishing their misión this week, so theres full transfers today, everyone wassaying Id be one of them cause Im the oldest one in the zone, luckily I DIDNT so i wont miss her baptism.

But the baptism we did have this man Eder was awesome. We only taught him twice before his baptism but he was way prepared, he accepted the restoration and book of mormon and the commandments way easy. He had already been Reading the book of mormon almost till 2nd nephi. It was crazy this man literally fell from the sky. At his baptism there were a bunch of his friends all mormons so Im positive he wont fall either. This baptism was a testament of how Little we mean as missionarys sometimes, he was definitely prepared by the spirit before. And by his friends. So ya that was a sweet baptism.

I was studying out of chapter 13 stake and Ward leaders and I found an awesome scripture. James 1:5. It says that if we pray with faith God will give to us liberally if we have a lack of wisdom. I dont know how I havent seen this scripture before but it really hit me hard that God will give us wisdom if we just ask.. I think we can easily apply this to the story of Joseph Smith, cause he had a lack of wisdom and prayed and its a testimony that god really will answer prayers.

Have a good week everyone, finsihing school and what not. remember the alamo.

Elder Crisp

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12th, 2014

I dont know much to say cause I talked a lot yesterday, now Im in a limbo where Spanish is jumbled with English, obviously i Cant speak English either so I dont have a language. so thanks a lot freaking Americans. Ya I want to tell you about this guy Eder 25 who has a date forthis saturday. This man fell from the sky. He has two friends in the church who brought him to our ward, he was interested cause he had gone to a bunch of activities in their ward. This last week we were looking for him, we only had his phone number no address, and his phone was turned off. So friday night we were rushing home from mision correlation at almost 930 and out the blue he came running out of a store Elders! Elders! haha what were the chances we passed him in the street, we realized later that if we hadnt been trying to get home in time we wouldnt have passed this man. But ya we were able to invite him to a mothers day activity saturday, he came and had a good time with all of the old ladys, and also to church yesterday. Right before the 3rd hour, he says to us, hey so whats the process for me to be baptized? Haha golden. This is before we had taught anything. So we taught him about the gospel right there at church, and he was super sincere, he really wants to be baptized and listen no just because he had fun at the activitys. He mentioned a lot about his son, like 1 year old, how he wants to be a good father and whatnot. Real cool dude im greatful we found him. Or he found us I dont know which it is.

But ya nothing else is new I feel like yesterday I said everything. So ya have a real real good week. Love You All.
Elder Crisp

Some pictures of El Recreo, Duran from the roofs of the family from yesterday

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5th, 2014


We havent had much progress with investigators this week, primarily our main progressor Diana wasnt able to be married, something with her records i dont know its all confusing here. But shes still super excited and her husband now is preparing to recieve the preisthood so thatll be sweet. Were also teaching to a chick Ana, shes the sister of that man Johnathan preparing for a mission. She doubts a lot but shes getting connected with the YSA and is super excited about that so well see if that helps her. Were also teaching a man, Hector, all of his family are members, he has a son serving in Mexico City. He is super humble and listens and really wants to learn. I guess hes listened to a bunch of missionaries, I dont really know why he hasnt been baptized yet but his wife says hes different now more accepting. So I hope that means were the ones that he needs, cause i would love to see this family connected. Were basically teaching all part member familys right now, but i feel like this is more effective and more joy.

This week in an old liahona a talk from Tad R Callister, about Integrity. He mentions how Joseph Smith throughout the Doctrine and Covenants admitted his weaknesses and his mistakes, how every inquire to the Lord was because of his humility and his honesty that hes weak. He said this proves to us that he wasnt perfect, but also that he had absolutely nothing to hide. His integrity is a testimony that he truly was a prophet not a liar like the world thinks. This talk made me realize that really it is true that integrity is humillity, being true to who you are and being open with your weaknesses. And in Helaman 3:35 that this humillity is what sanctifies us. This is especially important as missionaries, but also in real life being willing to accept council to try to improve is a key part to this life. To being sanctified by the Spirit. It all depends on our disposition to admit mistakes and listen and be humble.

I really do know that Joseph was a prophet and that the book he translated is words of prophets not his own. I know that he did not write a 530 page book, with little education, in a few short months. A book with such deep doctrine, and parables, and clear principles that have changed the lives of millions. That still to this day is being printed and converting people by itself. There is absolutely no way he started all this on his own. The only answer is that he is a true prophet of God and that the book of mormon is true scripture.

Elder Crisp

I ate gusano (worms) yesterday. I know the pics are a little grody.

Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28th, 2014

"The light of the truth"

This week was good, I dont know if you remember about this man Luis Peñafiel the chico that his mom wouldnt let, but ya we finally baptized him this saturday. It was an awesome baptism, haha we picked him up while his family was getting ready so we were just chilling in the church for like 20 minutes, he was super ansy and excited he couldnt sit still. Haha like a little kid. But Dang he bore his testimony after for a good 5 minutes or so, it was super powerful I dont remember much what he said but this little kid has the spirit definitely. Haha I dont want to brag about an 11 year old but ya it was a great baptism service.

One thing I realized is amazing to see this week is changes in people. Were working with a woman Diana, lives united, no more (ha thats what every one calls it when they live together unmarried) but theyre going to get married this thursday and shell be baptized either this saturday or the next. First of all we met her cause her mom is a member but super inactive. Her mom told us that if we came like a month ago Diana wouldnt listen to anything, and never wanted to learn about God. But weve had her in church these past two weeks, yesterday with her husband they were super involved in the gospel principles class and she was full animated. Haha they gave her the gospel princliples book and shes super protective over it wont let her mom touch it. But ya all this desire to learn came from our simple message the first night about how she needs to get married to have a happy family. Its awesome teaching her. The thing is were not gonna baptize her husband. Ha the day after they went to church last week he remembered he was baptized when he was 8...haha. But ya now her mom is all excited to return too, when we came to the house last night she was doing family history and blasting hymns and reading conference talks. I just love to see how us being where God needs us to be can change people super quick and good.

I feel like I have something else to say but I cant remember ha im bad at writing but ya everything is going great. The Spanish is easy now so nothing really is holding me back I have no excuses so Im just gonna go out there and nail it. Everyone out there do the same please.

Love Elder Crisp

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21st, 2014

The Week Holy (Semana Santa)

This was a great week, it kinda felt like i started my mission over. Elder Terrera knows full ways to find new investigators and use our time best. Its something that I honestly didnt learn much from my trainer, so I think well have a lot of success. This week we put dates on Fabricio, 17, Johnathan, 19, and Ana/Gabriela, 21/29. All of them live with members, so they will all be super firm if we continue with them. There is also a couple we are working with, its kind of funny. Theyre not married, so the first night friday we taught (just to the wife Diana) chastity and matrimony. She said shed talk to the husband about marriage. Saturday we couldnt encounter the husband for the second time, but Sunday they attended church. They both said they really enjoyed it, especially the husband which was interesting. Then we went and talked to Diana in the night and she said theyre gonna get married. So with out us teaching anything really, we have them committed to marriage, which from here is way easier. I think its kind of funny, I feel like we didnt do anything. cause we didnt.

Yesterday was a special conference for all of Ecuador, it was cool Elder Holland and Scott spoke. They were both really good talks, Elder Holland spoke about how to make homes holy places, and Elder Scott talked about the Atonement, really emotional about Christs suffering. Elder Holland spoke in English but bore his testimony in Spanish, and even though he could hardly say anything in Spanish it was way poerful, i Think even more for the people here. Cause usually they dont listen to his voice, its just something about his voice the Spirit hits harder. It was a good conference.

So ya the work is picking back up here in this area, Im loving the mission more than ever and Im really happy to be here. I love teaching people about this gospel, I feels great to know we have the one true church of Jesus Christ and that every day theres the possibility for someone to gain the same faith and knowledge and be in the right path too. Have a good week!

Elder Crisp

My new companion....

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14th, 2014

So this last week with Elder Le Fevre was pretty good, the previous two weeks our numbers were down with lessons and whatnot, but we were able to teach way more this week. We had two new baptism dates, but they already fell cause they didnt go to church and were super uninterested anyway haha. So ya not much success... But ya I got a new companion today, Elder Terrera from Argentina. He seems way good and has like a year in the mission, and speaks a tiny bit better Spanish than my previous haha so Im looking forward to working and learning from him.

We tried something new to try to find investigators this last week, we took the ward list and went to houses that the names dont sound familiar, and we found a lot of inactives. All of them were inactives actually (besides those who had moved), and had non member family living there too, so it was pretty sweet we have appointments for this week with them, and Im hoping that we can rescue the members and bring their family with them. Kill two stones with one bird. And then baptize the bird.

We had a cool experience last night, we found a lady who hadn´t gone to church for like a year, she was super embarassed cause she attended JWs like twice just to see. And for that she thought she couldnt show her face in the church. Ya but she said that shes been super down lately, and especially that same afternoon I guess there was a lot of fighting between her daughter and her kids (same house), and she had been thinking a lot about how to bring peace back to her life. Obviously us stumbling across her name in the directory was the answer. She knows it was a miracle that we showed up, I think it really touched her that the church "remembered" her, so were gonna get her going back to church, and her non member daughter seems like shell listen too. We have her and a few other part member families that were gonna start working with so were hopeful with them. Ya thats all I got from here, I hope all is well with everyone!

Elder Crisp
Me and my papi who left