Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2nd, 2014

"All is well, all is well"

We have continued to work with Diana for her marriage, really nothing is happening with the papers no one in the government wants to help, so we went to a lawyer whos a member who can speed it up. We went through a bunch to get his help (that was friday), and we go to her house last night- she tells us now there are problems in the relationship, she doesnt want to get married. Man that was fun to here. She was super emotional, so hopefully she was just upset at that moment, and she still wants to be baptized, so theres still hope, but still it was like why couldnt it just work out when we first started working with her...more than a month ago.

So ya because she was the only real investigator that we had, we worked a bunch to try to find new ones this week, but with basically no success. I dont know if this is just a busy time of year or what but we dont have much luck finding anyone, but I know theyll come...

We came across a family very interesting this week, we knocked their door and the dad let us in right away. He brought out his son and wife, they told us the son 18 is super sick mentally, can barely leave the house or do anything. They are super catholic, and the mom is hard as a rock - for example every scripture we share she says ya i read that yesterday i already know everything about the bible. They say that they have brought him to preists to heal him and what not but hes been sick for 2 years and nothing has changed. So we told them ya if you come to church we can have the bishop give a blessing from the real priesthood. After a lot of humbling they agreed, they came and recieved the blessing after what I think was a very impressioning sacrament meeting, I think they might be something, especially if the son improves. So theres one family weve been teaching at least

I was reading in the conference talk form Robert D Hales, there was a part I liked a bunch, he says why did the followers of Satan choose satan when they knew they would lose their earthly body? A similar question we can ask ourselves is why do we choose sin when we know the consuqences? The answer is because we are deciding to LOVE SATAN MORE THAN GOD. Really when we deny the promptings of the Spirit and choose somehting bad, we are making the same exact decision that third of hosts made, we are denying eternal blessings. Luckily we have a chance to regain those blessings, unlike them, but still we need to remember to follow God in all moment if we love him.

Thats all I have, enjoy the week, with love , Elder Crisp

my new nesquik goggles
celebrating kids day which is for some reason a holiday here

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