Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27th, 2015

Basically the people we have progressing right now are the Family Barreiro, and its going really well. Its funny the wife Veronica is super super excited about everything we teach her. She listened to the same lesson that you taught Mom last week about the Restoration and came to us with a bunch of questions and was really curious about everything. We watched the Restoration video with them this week, afterwards she was like I totally get it, now I know more for the Relief society class for Sunday! Shes way pumped up, but she couldnt come to church, the husband Geovani came alone with their older son and daughter who are 11 and 6....the mom and the other son were sick. But still they seem really really happy to listen and are understanding everything, I havent been so excited to teach people in a quite a while. I really feel like this family is in the perfect moment for the gospel and that they moved here for a reason, I really hope they can keep progressing.

Im really running out of interesting things to say in these letters. Haha. Were looking for people to teach, were teaching. Were walking and discovering new parts of our area cause its huge. were trying to help less actives and converts that are still week. We tried to turn our freezer into an air conditioner in our room last night and it didnt work we were still hot. Im teaching myself how to cook fancy things and it kinda turns out. Im progressing a lot as a person here ha. Have a good one yal. Happy birthday to my two favoritst people ever! Mom and Ben!

Elder Crisp

Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20th, 2015

We had a good week, during the week we didn't have too many people to teach, quite a few of our investigators were out of town, but we had the family Barreiro who we met last week that was moving here to Quevedo in church, and the brother of a less active who we barely met saturday came as well. We havent taught them yet or got to know them that well but I have a lot of faith that the family Barreiro that came are gonna be super receptive to the gospel and will progress. We normally have the challenge that we teach and teach and teach people but they never want to wake up to go to church, but here its been the opposite, people are coming when we just barely meet them, its a lot easier that way, so we got a lot of people to teach this week.
Something that President has had us start to do is look for Gods hand in everything we do....look for how he has blessed us , and find joy in everything we do. Its been cool looking for the Lords hand in everything, really there has been a lot this week. I find joy in that my shoes still haven't broken even a little so far. I find joy in old spice champion cause i sweat a lot but I dont smell that bad nor have stain in my clothes. I find joy in how much the Spirit helps us to teach and also in those magical words I testify. I find joy in members who get super excited when we ask them if they have somebody they want us to teach and they do. I find joy in the dude that gave me a sweet poncho. Its really easy to not think about the sweetness that is life, or the mission, but then again its super easy to realize all the little things and be super happy.

Elder Crisp

mi nuevo poncho bacan

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13th, 2015

Were in the super fun season of ecuador they call winter where its stupid hot during the days and then it dumps rain at night...when its not raining all the water is being evaporated all around our faces and its like being in a sauna or a duck oven and it makes walking around be really enjoyable. and then while we sleep the rain makes this magical effect when it hits on the roof where its like im back in the womb being lullabied like one of those snakes in india... thats honestly the best way to sleep. All i know is that with all this sun and rain i have gained a huge testimony of the water cycle. I know its true.

We discovered a fruit that makes boooomb shakes its called "borojó", its a nasty looking and smelling and feeling fruit but you mix it with milk and sugar and its super bomb it tastes like yogurt from a natural flowing mountain stream in the alps or something. We tried it with a member then we bought one and started making our own and then we found out that its got some chemical thats supposed to make you more romantic haha. So we might stop drinking it or well turn into one of those old THIS IS BOB commercials.

So we hadnt had much luck finding the people we had been teaching before, who had come to churhc and started preparing to be baptized. But we got a lot of help from above yesterday, out of nowhere came 3 investigators to church who are family of Edgar a member who we got going to church after a few years of inactivity (he gave me a sweet tie yesterday that i complemented him on last week), and then in the afternoon after ward council we saw the recently released ward mission leader Tito (hes a champ) touring his non member brother and family around the church, turns out theyre moving here from guayaquil this week and theyre married and interested so yesterday was a super good day.

I read and liked the miracle that Christ performed on the blind man Barmaeus in mark 10:48-52. Ive been thinking a lot about why its important to know how Christ was because part of his mission is to know who the Father is. And in this story the blind dude says "have mercy on me Lord". And Christ responds "what do you want". Not that Christ didnt know exactly what the blind man crying to him wanted, obviously his sight. But He didnt heal barmaeus until he asked exactly what he wanted- "Lord, that I might recieve my sight". I think its the same with God....were talking to Him, we cant just ask for "blessings" or "help with that thing". If we need an answer, or something, we got to get off our butt like Barmaeus and ask specifically. Then our faith can make us whole.

Keep it one hunnid out there folks. Shout out to Elder taylors mom

Elder Crisp´

borojo and brownies we made, it all looks disgusting but it was bomb.

Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6th, 2015

The week was super sweet Im feeling super pumped right now after being able to go the the temple this week and listen to the conference talks all weekend long. It was especially super sweet cause we had 6 investigators come to conference and I know that left an impact on them, to hear the men called of God to be his special witnesses testify of His Son, on the day he saved the world from death. I noticed a lot of theme to be marriage, like family life and finding a spouse cough cough Ethan cough cough Amy. And about the plan of salvation, our divine potencial and how we need to fulfill. I loved Elder Bednars talk about godly fear, I think that is the best way to apply everything we learn. He teaches that godly fear is deep respect and love for the lord, trusting him and realizing that we have to respond before the end there will be no excuse at judgement for what we do, and unless we press forward in christ, and fear god in this life, that will be a fearful day.
Some quotes i liked its never to late to make the choice weve already made. to follow Gods plan
God cant obligate us to believe...Dont give up keep believing.
A saint is a sinner who keeps on trying
Dont pretend to be in a car show when really your in the mechanic shop

Christ, The most accomplished man who has ever lived, was also the most humble

Serve not from assignment, but from geniune love for god and his children

President Monsons firm invitation to go to the temple and remember our covenants

All the super devout people hear dont eat meat and chicken during the week or something like that for the holy week (but then spend the weekend wasted), and so instead they have a "special" dish to eat for the week called fanesca. Its every type of bean and grain you can imagine in a soup with tuna and fish and sardine. Look up a picture of it it will make you want to eat it ha. I dont understand why they have that tradition but ya thats what i got to eat to celebrate easter haha. I missed ham and easter egg hunts but instead I (we) learned a ton about the atonement and the ressurrection of Christ, and what an impact that is....Our lives changed at that moment like Uchtdorf said. The atonement and resurrection is the gift of victory over the fall...well all be at that sandy ledge about to fall and there is only one person, the son of god who will be able to reach out for us.

Im really happy to be here Bellavista of Quevedo Ecuador, I know the work im doing is the same work that Christ called his disciples to do in matthew 28: 19, and that He lives, and directs His church by prophets, seers, and revelators, who are the First presidency and the 12 apostles. The Bible is true and the Book of Mormon is true and they together are a perfect testimony of Christ. Im happy to know and share these things with wild fanesca eating Ecuatorians.

Elder Crisp

the gringo room at conference. we got to watch 3 sessions in english