Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26th, 2014

Good day to all, its a beautiful day to live isn´t it. This week was fantastic like every other week. I was reading and pondering from DyC 58 the part where its says we should be anxiously engaged in a good cause. This scriptures way cool. Verse 26, says that if were compelled in all things, were lazy and dont gain anything. That is so true especially here, really if we as missionarys are expecting something to come to us, expecting to be told exactly how to find those to teach, we wont accomplish anything. We as agents in this life have to act for ourselves and be a creator of circumstances not a creature. We have helpers in this life, leaders of the church bishops home teachers but we need to be anxiously engaged in our own growth. Verse 29, He that doeth nothing until he is commanded, and recieveth commandments with a doubtful heart, and keepeth it with slothfulness, the same is damned. Ay lets not be lazy, lets be active in all things we do.

Ya so we have a few interesting investigators right now, no ones really progressing though. Theres one lady were teaching Anabel she has super bad problems with her marriage and so shes super receptive to our message about families. This last week she found out her husbands cheating, she already knew but she met the other women. Ya so shes been super down naturally and we told her ya if you come to church Sunday youll feel better. She says ya Ill definitely come, but only for the first hour- cause I have to go back to my house and make my husband breakfast. Ha that blew my mind but hey at least shes forgiving. No one else were teaching came to church besides this lady Diana, the investigator who still cant get married cause no one does anything in the civil records office.

So ya nothing really much more is going on out here, FIFAs coming up fast and this countries about to shut down for a month. But I have bets with like 5 different youths against Ecuador. Theres gonna be a lot of new ties around my neck real soon. But anyway I hope you all have a good week, whereever you art, be well thy part ok.

Elder Crisp

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th, 2014

It was annoying this week our investagator Diana went in to the office to set her appointment for her marriage, and in her records, her mom has an extra h in her name, and its different than on her ID so we have to wait another week for these people to fix her name, well be lucky if she gets married this week. Its like why does it have to be like this haha. But shes still super excited for baptism. I was scared these past two days cause something like 20 elders are finishing their misiĆ³n this week, so theres full transfers today, everyone wassaying Id be one of them cause Im the oldest one in the zone, luckily I DIDNT so i wont miss her baptism.

But the baptism we did have this man Eder was awesome. We only taught him twice before his baptism but he was way prepared, he accepted the restoration and book of mormon and the commandments way easy. He had already been Reading the book of mormon almost till 2nd nephi. It was crazy this man literally fell from the sky. At his baptism there were a bunch of his friends all mormons so Im positive he wont fall either. This baptism was a testament of how Little we mean as missionarys sometimes, he was definitely prepared by the spirit before. And by his friends. So ya that was a sweet baptism.

I was studying out of chapter 13 stake and Ward leaders and I found an awesome scripture. James 1:5. It says that if we pray with faith God will give to us liberally if we have a lack of wisdom. I dont know how I havent seen this scripture before but it really hit me hard that God will give us wisdom if we just ask.. I think we can easily apply this to the story of Joseph Smith, cause he had a lack of wisdom and prayed and its a testimony that god really will answer prayers.

Have a good week everyone, finsihing school and what not. remember the alamo.

Elder Crisp

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12th, 2014

I dont know much to say cause I talked a lot yesterday, now Im in a limbo where Spanish is jumbled with English, obviously i Cant speak English either so I dont have a language. so thanks a lot freaking Americans. Ya I want to tell you about this guy Eder 25 who has a date forthis saturday. This man fell from the sky. He has two friends in the church who brought him to our ward, he was interested cause he had gone to a bunch of activities in their ward. This last week we were looking for him, we only had his phone number no address, and his phone was turned off. So friday night we were rushing home from mision correlation at almost 930 and out the blue he came running out of a store Elders! Elders! haha what were the chances we passed him in the street, we realized later that if we hadnt been trying to get home in time we wouldnt have passed this man. But ya we were able to invite him to a mothers day activity saturday, he came and had a good time with all of the old ladys, and also to church yesterday. Right before the 3rd hour, he says to us, hey so whats the process for me to be baptized? Haha golden. This is before we had taught anything. So we taught him about the gospel right there at church, and he was super sincere, he really wants to be baptized and listen no just because he had fun at the activitys. He mentioned a lot about his son, like 1 year old, how he wants to be a good father and whatnot. Real cool dude im greatful we found him. Or he found us I dont know which it is.

But ya nothing else is new I feel like yesterday I said everything. So ya have a real real good week. Love You All.
Elder Crisp

Some pictures of El Recreo, Duran from the roofs of the family from yesterday

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5th, 2014


We havent had much progress with investigators this week, primarily our main progressor Diana wasnt able to be married, something with her records i dont know its all confusing here. But shes still super excited and her husband now is preparing to recieve the preisthood so thatll be sweet. Were also teaching to a chick Ana, shes the sister of that man Johnathan preparing for a mission. She doubts a lot but shes getting connected with the YSA and is super excited about that so well see if that helps her. Were also teaching a man, Hector, all of his family are members, he has a son serving in Mexico City. He is super humble and listens and really wants to learn. I guess hes listened to a bunch of missionaries, I dont really know why he hasnt been baptized yet but his wife says hes different now more accepting. So I hope that means were the ones that he needs, cause i would love to see this family connected. Were basically teaching all part member familys right now, but i feel like this is more effective and more joy.

This week in an old liahona a talk from Tad R Callister, about Integrity. He mentions how Joseph Smith throughout the Doctrine and Covenants admitted his weaknesses and his mistakes, how every inquire to the Lord was because of his humility and his honesty that hes weak. He said this proves to us that he wasnt perfect, but also that he had absolutely nothing to hide. His integrity is a testimony that he truly was a prophet not a liar like the world thinks. This talk made me realize that really it is true that integrity is humillity, being true to who you are and being open with your weaknesses. And in Helaman 3:35 that this humillity is what sanctifies us. This is especially important as missionaries, but also in real life being willing to accept council to try to improve is a key part to this life. To being sanctified by the Spirit. It all depends on our disposition to admit mistakes and listen and be humble.

I really do know that Joseph was a prophet and that the book he translated is words of prophets not his own. I know that he did not write a 530 page book, with little education, in a few short months. A book with such deep doctrine, and parables, and clear principles that have changed the lives of millions. That still to this day is being printed and converting people by itself. There is absolutely no way he started all this on his own. The only answer is that he is a true prophet of God and that the book of mormon is true scripture.

Elder Crisp

I ate gusano (worms) yesterday. I know the pics are a little grody.