Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27th, 2014

How goes it, all is well out here. It was a good week, struggling to encounter the people weve been to before, but in the process found a couple super cool families....Ive really found a lot of power in using the Family Proclamation, people really see the reson for the family and the importance they have in the lives of those around them. Its cool to see them set goals for themselves to have the happiness they read about in the proclamation. It was suprising to meet and start teaching 2 families that are already married....ha its super rare but it makes describing all of this a whole lot more meaningful. One of the families, its just a couple but they live with the guys mom too, are Juan and Patricia Sanchez. And theyre way cool they gave us to try cuy, which was my first time. (Cuy is guinea pig, the people from the mountains eat it here)

I was thinking a lot about the experience that peter had the night before Christs death, how its like us a lot of times. How he promises the lord hell go to prison or death with him, but then couldnt stay and watch with him. And how he could cut off the ear of the servant in front of Christ, but then when he was alone couldnt admit that he even knew him. Sometimes we can have desires to serve one second but then the next fall to the temptaion to be laidback in serving God. Or we forget who we are in a hard time and reject our true beleifs. Really we can learn from Peter and stay firm in the faith always, just as he wept, and learned from his mistakes, we can always look for ways to serve better and more faithfully, not leaving Christ alone in Getsemani or in the hands of the high priest. Thats my message today.

Elder Crisp

Cuy asado

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