Monday, October 13, 2014

October 6th, 2014

We dont have too much going on with investigators right now, we do have one that were now preparing to get married/baptized. His names Carlos hes 45 or something, hes living with his girlfriend a member of the church thats ya hes listened to missionaries before, knows a bunch of stuff about the church, likes listening to her read the book of Mormon, its just hes never had the desire to get married nor actually learn more. So Im hoping that now hes ready, his girlfriend says hes changed a bit now. When we taught about baptism he said there is no way Im gonna get rebaptized (already was in a evangelical church) but his girlfriend shared a powerful testimony and the scriptures hit him super hard and the spirit was super strong. By the end, he basically started chanted with a huge smile on his face yes I will, in the name of my lord I will be baptized the 18th haha. So ya so far hes excited to join the church but he needs a lot of prayers.

The rest of the week was basically trying to encourage people for conference, it didnt work too well, but we did bring Carlos to conference. We said to ourselves after the last session, after Elder Bednar spoke about why were so direct and persistent in missionary work DIRECTLY to investigators, and the Elder Kacher spoke about how to find the real answers and not fall to lies or "currents", that it woulkd have been perfect for specificaly those investigators that didnt come. That was kind of a pain that we missed that oppurtunity ha.

Conference was pretty sweet, it was super inspiring. I was noticing quite a few self evaluting questions pop up that are super powerful....
Are my eyes facing God?
How would an interview with Christ go (would I focus on the negative things)?
Would I accept the invitation to follow Christ and be baptized today?
Is my testimony of the gospel real? Is It mine?
Is it me?, betraying Christ (would I look around at others sins or mine own at the last supper)
If I keep living the same way and seeking the same goals, will the promises of my patriarchal blessing be fulfilled?
With these really we can teach ourselves how we need to imporve. There was also a lot of emphasis in holding tight to what we know, studying always to improve our testimonies, and watching out for the false voices that there are in the world today.

I liked the quote from the elder Martinez that was in spanish (which was awesome)
basically go get to work serving others, helping the ward, doing your responsablilites, or else youre not good for anything. Ha enjoy the life.

Elder Crisp

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