Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th, 2014

This week was pretty interesting - we didnt have one day where we could work the whole day, it was kind of frustrating. One of my zone leaders got super sick, from tuesday to thursday we were on exchanges running around to be able to work in our area and thieres a little bit. So its been difficult trying to find new people to teach, but this week I have seen a huge change in one investigator. myself. Really I have felt more closer to Christ this week than never before, and I feel a lot more happier and immursed in the work. Im super greatful for the challenges I have right now they are not that bad but they have molded me and pushed me up a lot and I feel a lot better and secure with myself as a missionary right now.

Thursday. we had a little training thing from President, he started sharing from matthew 10, about following Christ- chapter 10 is loaded with good stuff I recieved a bunch of revelation that I completely overlooked before. In verse 37 and 38 it says basically he that loveth his family, or his life, more than Christ is not worthy of him, neither if we dont take up our cross. Look at that with Matthew 4:22 - Christ called his disciples, they immediately left their job, their family, their life to follow this stranger. Thats a huge example of faith and obedience - if I as a missionary expect investigadors to leave their familys traditions to follow us to Christ, I too need to take up my cross no. Give everything to him, drop my nets, drop every desire every ounce of worldliness behind. Its hard but thats really what he expects of each and everyone of us. To immediately follow him. with faith. with diligence. with whole heartedness.

I gotta tell you that friday we had a stake mission activity, a talent show thing, our ward did a play of the Prodigal son, haha I dont know how but I got cast last second as the adopted albino brother of the Prodigal son haha I dressed up as Alfalfa. Im sorry that Im staining the family name down here.

We had a super good baptism, the main man Emilio (I said he was 70 cause i thought he was, but really hes 60- he shaved his Grizzly Adams beard and lost about 15 years). He was super happy the whole service and the spirit was super strong. It was funny, hes one of those super calm people, and super timid, but when he came to church yesterday for his confirmation, he was running around greeting everybody haha he just opened up to everybody. So that really was the highlight of the week is the main man Emilio. Besides that we couldnt accomplish much, but I am super happy and content right now.

Elder Crisp

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