Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7th, 2014

It was wierd no one here celebrated our independence day....but ya it was a good week. Right now we only have a few investigators, ones a little girl Korina whos grandma and brother are members, shes super excited for baptism. And the others name is Emelio in his 70s. I think he was a drunk all of his life, his mind isnt all there, but he listens really well and really does have good faith. So apart from them two we dont have much, something Ive realized is that here everyones really old...theyre in that stage where nothing matters haha so its a little funny trying to work with them but at the same time not that progressive. So really my focus has turned to reactivating less actives, I really now see the effect that has on people is seeing someone come to their door worried for them. We now have a couple of them coming to church, from more than anything just seeing that somebody remembers them. So do your home and visiting teaching every month every single one youre assigned to.

We had a good training from the new president (thats crazy that dad knows him!), hes a super good teacher obviously, gave us a b unch of good tips about finding the "chosen". To not waste a bunch of time and help those who are really ready for this gospel. He also talked about being edifying to the people. In d&C 50 22, It says that which doth noth edify is not of god, and is darkness. Everything we do as missionarys (and people) needs to be to build those around us up, or else we are doing something dark. It was really good the whole thing, Hes super energetic and cool im excited. So ya do your home teaching and be edifying in every place you go.

With love
Elder Crisp

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