Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14th, 2014

So this last week with Elder Le Fevre was pretty good, the previous two weeks our numbers were down with lessons and whatnot, but we were able to teach way more this week. We had two new baptism dates, but they already fell cause they didnt go to church and were super uninterested anyway haha. So ya not much success... But ya I got a new companion today, Elder Terrera from Argentina. He seems way good and has like a year in the mission, and speaks a tiny bit better Spanish than my previous haha so Im looking forward to working and learning from him.

We tried something new to try to find investigators this last week, we took the ward list and went to houses that the names dont sound familiar, and we found a lot of inactives. All of them were inactives actually (besides those who had moved), and had non member family living there too, so it was pretty sweet we have appointments for this week with them, and Im hoping that we can rescue the members and bring their family with them. Kill two stones with one bird. And then baptize the bird.

We had a cool experience last night, we found a lady who hadn´t gone to church for like a year, she was super embarassed cause she attended JWs like twice just to see. And for that she thought she couldnt show her face in the church. Ya but she said that shes been super down lately, and especially that same afternoon I guess there was a lot of fighting between her daughter and her kids (same house), and she had been thinking a lot about how to bring peace back to her life. Obviously us stumbling across her name in the directory was the answer. She knows it was a miracle that we showed up, I think it really touched her that the church "remembered" her, so were gonna get her going back to church, and her non member daughter seems like shell listen too. We have her and a few other part member families that were gonna start working with so were hopeful with them. Ya thats all I got from here, I hope all is well with everyone!

Elder Crisp
Me and my papi who left

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