Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1st, 2014

We had a super cool experience this week, we met a woman Elsa like 60 at her door, at first she said No im fine. But we were basically like ya we are too and kept talking. Ha she actually let us in, and we ended up sharing the restoration with her daughter and the daughter of her daughter, and her two sons, they all accepted to be baptized. We wouldnt have had that if we werent persistent. The whole thing got crazier when we went to a sisters house who lives near by to accompany us with the next appt., turns out they are super good friends. And Elsas name was on her referral list (we have a program with the ward where they put names of their friends, and have a checklist of things to do to prepare them for us). One of the suggestions to do for their friends is to simply pray for them. This sister told us that the day before she had prayed for Elsas name. And boom we found her without even recieving the referral from this member. Super sweet miracle we had.

Elsa and only her granddaughter could come (it turns out her sons were out till 6 am drinking...) and we also had Mayra the lady whose going to get married in church. It was kind of frustrating, for the combined 3rd hour for the 5th sunday, the 1st counselor in the stake came to talk about problems with our stake. All of the less actives that there are, the problems with the seminary program, people not doing anything in their callings, member teens drinking and smoking, basically everything negative about the church. And there we have our investigators and converts there haha. But the two said that they did like the message, so i guess theres no problems there ha.

Something I have learned a lot about this week is charity. I learned a great lesson about the simple fact that charity is long suffering. It should really be difficult to serve, to give, to love even when theres absoulutely nothing for us. and if we really have charity, it wont be difficult at all. If that makes sense. I had a huge wakeup call with that this week, really where Im at with charity is not where I thought I was. I think its the same for everyone...We can love until its hard to love. But The counsel from Mormon is so true- To pray with all the energy of your soul to have this gift from god, to be filled with this pure love of Christ. I never thought thatd actually be a desire of mine, to love more. But really its all that matters. Were nothing without it right. Till next time compadres.

Elder Crisp

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