Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24th, 2014

We didnt have much progress this week with our investigators but its still good. We have been teaching Luis Mario, the man we met by coincidence haha. Hes really awesome to teach, and he just accepts everything we say its funny. But the problem with him is hes not married, but has a wife and everything. She is pregnant and has been sick so he hasnt had a good oppurtunity to talk to her about getting married but hes all for it. We have been praying a lot for him and his family.

Another strong investigatior we have is a 12 year old his name is Luis Adrian, his cousin is a less active who we just got going back to church. He also is very receptive, the thing with him is his dad isnt too thrilled with us...we were worrying about that but we just found out his mom is a member too, less active, so i think well be good.

Yesterday was kind of bad, none of our investigators came to church because it was elections. Here voting is mandatory, and they all had to travel to different states to also we werent really able to teach them the whole day. Thats really the biggest problem we have is getting people to church, its at 8 o clock and people never wake up haha. Its true here too what ethan said about mexicans how they were always late. More than half the ward doesnt come until after the sacrament its kind of funny.

Something funny the other day, sometimes well ask people were contacting or investigators how old they think we are. This man the other day guessed that i was 35! haha. I hope that you all have a good week!
Love, Elder Crisp

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17th, 2014

I am getting happier and happier to be here every week, I am really starting to love my mission. Every day im more and more comfortable speaking the language and talking to people, and this week Ive been able to listen to the spirit way better. I think before all my thoughts while walking were about how much i dont know or whatever, but lately ive been able to forget all that and just listen, its cool. Not much happened this week, we found out 2 brothers that had dates were hiding from us so that was kind of annoying, and our other 5 people with dates didnt come to church so we dont have them anymore. But we were able to baptize one, his names Ronny. Hes the brother of the girl we baptized my first week, and hes definitely my favorite convert so far. Hes a g. Im really happy for him that was the highlight of the week.

I got a scripture from Alma in 14:26 I think, its a prayer from Alma that says make our afflictions go away, bless us with strength according to our faith. Me thinks thats a neat little scripture, it applies a lot to the work cause we definitely need strength, but first is faith, the more faith we have through trials the more well be rewarded. I hope yalls haves goods week. Give the missionaries some names theyll like you. haha. Peace.

Love, Elder Crisp

1. Ronnys Baptism
2. A cute little pizza party

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10th, 2014

Hola todo...

This week started off great but slowly died down. Monday we got 4 new dates, and then wednesday another one (all are family, but the first 4 live seperate from their mom, the other). Iva They all seemed great like they really wanted to hear and listen to us. They said they prayed and felt good, and were gonna start reading the book of mormon. But like friday and saturday, Ivan, the oldest kid, was hiding from us Im pretty sure...and none of them came to church.

We did have two other investigators come, one with date and one without. The one with a date, Ronny (the brother of our first baptism, Maria Jose) was kind of a miracle haha. At 745 we went to pick them up and Maria Jose was like no he cant come cause he was throwing up all night, and we were like not for one hour?? She said no half way to the chapel with the other investigator, Eric, we stopped and were like shoot please come Ronny, cause if he didnt wed postpone his baptism. We look down the street and boom. Ronny. He was like sprinting for us it was hilarious. It was awesome that he came even though he was sick.

We had a pretty cool experience yesterday, we were out with a member Ronny, and absolutely no one was home, and people at doors were all "busy". So Ronny was like why dont we go to the 28. The 28 is a super run down area that were told to avoid cause its dangerous. But we all felt good about it so we went. A little down the road we stopped at a house, and no one was home. As we started to walk away the owner of the house, Mario, walked up and no joke basically asked if we could teach him. He said he went to church a couple times with a friend a few years ago, and liked it, but never talked to missionaries. So he was definitely ready for us. He couldnt talk then but really wants us to come back this week. Oh man it was the perfect place and the perfect timing, And it wasnt even our inspiration it was the member who was with us.

I have a real quick little scripture from this week, in Alma 7, 24, says see that you have faith, hope, and charity, and then you will always abound in good works. Its a really simple scripture, and after Almas whole teachings of how to prepare to meet god, this is what sums it up. 3 simple things lead to all other righteousness. Cause if we have faith, then well be obedient. If we have hope well strive to improve. If we have charity we have the pure love of Christ. If you have all these things and always excercise them, all of your works will be good.

I hope yall have a good week. Love you.
Elder Crisp

"Mi vida como luchador" (My life as a wrestler)

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 2nd, 2014

This week was kind of a trip. We had quite a few lessons that the people were just super confused, and we werent able to explain anything. Haha its kind of funny how awkward that situation. Those lessons are always the ones we happen to not have member with us.

We did have two baptisms this week, two sisters Samantha y sabrina 15 and 8. Its was crazy trying to baptize them. On Friday one of them still needed an interview but their jerk of a stepdad wouldnt let us. So we were worried they wouldnt be able to do it this week. But we found them saturday morning, their stepdad wasnt home and their mom was (she also wants to be baptized but isnt married). We taught them and told them about the baptism process whatnot. They were really excited. So like 3 hours later was their baptism, but there was no water supply to the church. I dont understand that at all. It rains like a meter of water a week and we cant even fill the font. Haha. So we had to move it to the next closest chapel, like 20 minutes away. I still dont know the reasoning for this , but I couldnt go to the baptism, I just went on an exchange with the zone leader. It was pretty sad cause the younger one really wanted me to do it. Buts its all good, theyre baptized.
It got a little more crazier on Sunday, we went to their house in the morning to pick them up for church for their confirmation, and their stepdad opened the door... And basically immediately slammed it. No they cant go theyre sleeping its Sunday. haha so because we didnt want to get shot we didnt knock again. But we asked theyre neigbors who are less active if they could help us out and bring the girls to church. We were just hoping they would but we knew they prolly werent p lanning on coming. So boom with like 5 minutes left in sacrament meeting. They showed up. Haha it was awesome. So that was a lot of work for two ByC´s , but it was fun.
Our two investigators with dates didnt make it to church, and its a new rule here that they have to attend twice before baptism (I know its more in other places). So they have to be pushed back at least another week. But ya were kind of low on investigators right now, but we have one very strong one his names Ronny, the brother of the first week baptism. Hes really chill and smart for 12 and really strong faith.
I hope everyone has a good week this week! 
Love Elder Crisp