Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25th, 2014

This week was chill. We were able to go to the temple for a session early in the morning tuesday, the temple is beautiful. President was persistent in getting us to look for how the temple can apply to the mission work. Really theres too many ways to apply what we gain from those ordinances to every person we meet, how thats what we need to have in goal is to be able enter the house of the lord and have those eternal blessings. One thing I was focusing on is the principle of consecration, consecrating all my time and efforts here in the mission. Its a huge promise, and its hard sometimes, but if we cant work that hard for these people how can we expect them to offer their time as members. Thats something we need to remember as members, is to really give all that we can to serve others always.

We started teaching a women this last week, her names maira and shes super cool. Her boyfriend is a less active member (theres a good 20 years between them haha) and theyre living together, but theyre super excited to get married, and shes excited for baptism. The first time we taguht her we gave her a blessing of health at the end...When we came back and asked hows it going with her testimony, she said ya I already have it. She said she knows the preiesthood worked- the day after the blessing, while driving with her mom, a few huge tubes fell off the truck directly in front of her. She said miracously and almost unreal each one dodged the windshield, as she says they could have easily broke through the windshield and killed her. Nothing but her mirror broke. She instantly remember something that was said in the blessing, she told us. That God would be in her path, and nothing bad will come over her or impede her from continuing in her change. Wow that was amazing to here, really it gives me a testimony of how power the preiesthodod with faith can be. Were just waiting to hear when the wedding will be cause its always a pain here.

I found a cool scripture, and its related to something ive been wondering - can God really be saddened or angered or disappointed with all the sins right now. I mean he knew before that itd be like this right, that satan would go crazy and that itd be difficult to believe in him for many. In Moses 7, 26 it talks about how satans got this world by a chain and laughing...and it says in 28 that God see this. And Weeps. I dont know why but that gives me the worst feeling in the world. Our all mighty, loving father weeping because the devil has control over his children. And all that he has to stop that is us, his weak servants right. And it says in 41 that Enoch, his main man, wept with him, his heart was swollen. As he wept with god for his brethren, The lord showed him how the atonement will work with the the people here, and as He says in 44, Lift up your heart, and be glad; and look. The atonement is what gives us all hope that we can stop the heavens from weeping, that pumps me up that I can help god from his despair no. That whole chapters really good.

Have a good week, Im gonna try to too.

Love Elder Crisp

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