Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th, 2014

It was annoying this week our investagator Diana went in to the office to set her appointment for her marriage, and in her records, her mom has an extra h in her name, and its different than on her ID so we have to wait another week for these people to fix her name, well be lucky if she gets married this week. Its like why does it have to be like this haha. But shes still super excited for baptism. I was scared these past two days cause something like 20 elders are finishing their misiĆ³n this week, so theres full transfers today, everyone wassaying Id be one of them cause Im the oldest one in the zone, luckily I DIDNT so i wont miss her baptism.

But the baptism we did have this man Eder was awesome. We only taught him twice before his baptism but he was way prepared, he accepted the restoration and book of mormon and the commandments way easy. He had already been Reading the book of mormon almost till 2nd nephi. It was crazy this man literally fell from the sky. At his baptism there were a bunch of his friends all mormons so Im positive he wont fall either. This baptism was a testament of how Little we mean as missionarys sometimes, he was definitely prepared by the spirit before. And by his friends. So ya that was a sweet baptism.

I was studying out of chapter 13 stake and Ward leaders and I found an awesome scripture. James 1:5. It says that if we pray with faith God will give to us liberally if we have a lack of wisdom. I dont know how I havent seen this scripture before but it really hit me hard that God will give us wisdom if we just ask.. I think we can easily apply this to the story of Joseph Smith, cause he had a lack of wisdom and prayed and its a testimony that god really will answer prayers.

Have a good week everyone, finsihing school and what not. remember the alamo.

Elder Crisp

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