Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st, 2014

We had a new convert this week his name is Jaime hes 45. Hes really cool, really really humble. Hes got epilexia, sometimes has really bad attacks when the moons full, so his brain is kind of shaken from that. He wasnt the easiest person to teach cause he didnt understand very well but he was so sure of what he was doing, and so ready....Right after his baptism he said very calmly, Im content to have given myself to the Lord, I know Im now in his road. It was really powerful his baptism. All he wants to do now is learn more and serve in the church, I know its gonna help him a lot, especially having the Spirit with him. His desire to come to churhc is surprising to us, he lives way out into the fields, like an hour traveling. But hed be ready, waiting, calling the family that he went with like 2 hours early its kind of funny. Hes a super good convert.

This was a good lesson to me about being patient, accepting the will of the lord for us...we worked super hard to finally get something here, and all that payed off cause the lord blessed us with an awesome convert, and a few awesome families this last week. I really hope we can help these people to "feel the christmas spirit" like everyone always cheesily says haha, no but really come to christ cause i know they are blessings from the lord that weve met them. I know that this is His work and that he really can do what he wants with us if were just diligent and patient. I love seeing these blessings come into others lives from the restored gospel. Its a lot of work on our parts, sometimes on theirs, but its so worth it cause its so true and eternal, and thats why its easy to serve a mission.

my semi american thanksgiving meal

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