Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29th, 2014

So last tuesday I got transferred....Ha so now Im in a little town called Simon Bolivar, its pretty small, and its kind of in the middle of nowhere, its pretty cool though theres just huge fields of trees in miles every direction. Its a branch here, only about 40 attend, but right now theres 4 missionaries so i think the work will speed up here. I think the members and missionaries that have been here havent been too positive about how it is right now. But its funny ive just been trying to meet as many members as possible, and to every one i ask Do you want a chapel or what? and then they get pumped up Ya of course! Were gonna get to work with the members and make it happen here.

Im now with an Elder Jensen, from Ogden Utah. Hes new to the mission, hes been here like 6 weeks....Hes super cool and wants to work, learn, and teach. Its interesting being back with an American but I think its way funner. We dont have very many investigators right now but the people are pretty humble here and love to talk so Im excited. Were gonna focus on inviting people to conference this week (I cant wait for conference) and on the prophet and apostels that there are here, I hope we can find people who understand the importance of that.

I was super excited that id be "staying" in my last area but I got called in the night. But the area im in is relatively close to my last area, basically the same zone, so I got permission to go to the baptism of the main man Mayra, she was super ready and content and it was an awesome baptism. I remember back to when we first started teaching her, and she had an awesome experience with the blessing that she recieved, really it was a miracle that happened with her. I never doubted from that moment that she would keep progressing because of her testimony of the priesthood. That the most powerful tool we have as the restored church of Jesus Christ. Thats really why the church here in this tiny little branch is the same in every corner of earth. I know that it is connected with God because of that authority, and that is why the Church of Jesus Christ is absoultely perfect. Im so happy to be able to help people understand that here in the mission.

Happy Week Elder Crisp

mayra y edison
my old ward mission learder

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