Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18th, 2015

Everythings going well, we still havent been working with many new people, but we found a bunch of less actives this last week by going out in splits. There are a bunch of people in this ward here, 600 odd people I think, way too many of those are inactive so we want to find a bunch of them. Its kinda funny, quite a few times weve contacted people who by the end of the converstaion remember that "Oh ya, i was baptized like 30 years ago". Theyre everywhere here. So ya we are battleing to find investigators and less actives. The family who weve been more focused in the barreiros, were sick all this last week but it really kind of seems like theyre not as excited as before to listen to us....were trying not to get bummed from that, we hopt that theyll keep moving on, all were trying to focus on with them is the temple, that they can be sealed as a family FOREVER in 1 year if they just "se ponen pilas"

President has been having us try to focus more on the atonement,like putting it at the base of all our teaching and applying it to us ourselves. He said in a training this last week, The most important moment in all the scritpures, the most important thing thats ever been said is the moment when Christ stepped up and accepted Gods plan, saying Thy will be done, and the glory be thine forever (Moses 4;1-3). Pres. explained how good it must have felt for each of us to hear that, that wed have not only agency but an atonement, not only life but life eternal. Everybody who has lived and will live was aware of that fact and the plan at that moment, its pretty cool thats not anything new for anybody, nieither is His restored gospel and Gods plan of salvation. Honestly itd be pretty sweet to be able to go back and see that conversation again when God denied Satans offer and put Christ in as our Savior.

I was studying fromromans, and paul talks a lot about grace, how not just having the law, or keeping the commandments is enough, but also the grace of Christ....the atonement. His redeeming power. I really like in 8 it talks about how we as carnal beings are enemies to God, but we dont need to live "after the flesh" like the natural man, but after the spirit. Thats another huge lesson President had us thinking about, is how to kill the natural man inside of us, and being sanctified by christ. Paul explains that if we can learn to do that were called Gods sons. And if we dont we shall die.

This week should be interesting, our ward just got 2 missionaries (were 4 now instead of 2) so well be working with them a bunch, and we have a conference in guayaquil about Family History from "somebody from Salt lake" (i dont know if its a general authority) and we also have zone conference and interviews so there wont be much time to work. BUt anyway I hope all have a good one too.

Elder Crisp