Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 11th, 2014

Its been interesting this week, President put as a new indicator that we need to have 10 efficient contacts everyday, like contacts that want us to come back and listen and can progress. It doesnt seem that much but really its super great cause it forces us to work 100% more efficitent with time and harder. That and every wednesday now we have something called fishing day - were not allowed to have any appointments in our plans, we spend the whole day looking for new people. Its interesting but itll help i hope to have a lot more families to teach.

One cool experience we had was with an investigator Christian who weve had for a few weeks. Hes had quite a few doubts about leaving the catholic church, and hes been having some problems with his woman and for that he hasnt been in the mood really to listen. We asked him (and I realized it was inspired after) how has he felt the love of God in his life. He said theres a little park that he was at one time, super drunk, he didnt think he could make it home but after praying randomly his friend showed up and took him to his house, says that saved his life. So he has good memories of that park. We told him to go there to that park right after we leave to pray more sincerely than ever to know if this church is true. He told us the day after that he actually prayed for two things - the church and for his girlfriend to come back to him haha. He told us right after he finished the prayer, she called. That was his answer that hes doing the right thing changing, that these problems with her was for God to tell him to do something. Haha an interesting way to get the answer but hes once again wanting to be baptized. The problem is he didnt come to church yesterday, so he wont be baptized for at least one week more.

Other than that we havent had much, we met a bunch of new people this week, but problems with the sabbath or with desires to marriage have kept us from helping them to progress. One lady we met saturday her name is Tatiana is super super prepared. When we described the Joseph smith story she said THATS EXACTLY ME. Ha her parents are catholic, she has evangelist brothers, one Adventist, everyones in different churches and she says why does it have to be this way. So shes super pumped to read the Book of Mormon to fill her emptyness she says with the truth. She and her husband have been trying to get marryed for a couple years, theres problems cause they moved here from spain and this country doesnt know how to file documents, but we have faith with her, Shes super happy to be listening. Well have the main man Anthony baptized this saturday, ha we asked how he feels for his baptism and he says impatient. Ha Im super happy with what we have right now.

With Love

Elder Crisp

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