Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3rd, 2014

Its been kind of frustrating this week cause all the people that we had been finding that were super receptive, dont seem to want to do anything to progress or learn...they seemed like super chosen families but they are too caught up in other things so its been really difficult to try to help them understand better all of this. But in spite of that it was cool we had 2 super good investigators come to church, and they came by themselves with out much (if any) help or reminder from us. It was an awesome surprise cause I didnt think wed have anybody, we got to church and this man Jaime who we taught 1 time, and lives 40 minutes out into the field, was waiting for us, and shotly after this man Jose came who previously told us he wouldnt be able to come today. It was a super cool experience, they both enjoyed the church, I know it had something to do with the fast, the fast always makes things better.

We had a little conference thing with President Riggins for the missionaries that are in training right now and it was super cool something he said. He said that Change is the Breakfast of Champions....those that are willing to change with the champions of the eternal life. He said how we need to always be looking for ways to change and be better, like the boy that asked Jesus, What Lack I Yet? What more do we need to do to be perfect. I think that that is something we should always have in mind, is that we need to change always, cause there is always something more we lack, we being inperfect. That was something that impacted me a lot. Sometimes we settle for what weve done, or what we are, but were never anywhere close to where we need to be. If we know where were going, whats the point of looking back, or settling. So ya we need to always be chomping on those wheaties of change, every morning, day, and night.

So ya thanks for all the support, and the birthday wishes, keep it one hunnid.

Elder Crisp

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