Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16th, 2014

So not much has been happening here in the area- our only investigator who was gonna be baptized this Saturday, Luis, couldnt cause he didnt pass the interview, and without going into too much detail its not likely he ever will be. So that was a bummer- me and Elder Sanchez have been looking for new investigators with barely any luck, and we cut basically all of our investigators cause no ones progressing. Were basically starting over from scratch itll be fun.

Another cool thing is that Elder Sanchez had transfers this morning. Haha its cool cause I basically have one week in this area and I really dont know where anything is haha. I also found out that Im pregnant. Wednesday Im gonna be training! Im pumped honestly. Cause up until now i havent felt challenged, Ive been trying to self evaluate where i am as a missionary and I really don´t know yet. So with this brand new area and brand new start with finding investigators and brand new Elder, I think itll be a good test. I know its gonna be hard, but its gonna be a blast.

So thats really all I have. This countrys in a state of depression from the loss yesterday, were gonna cheer em up with the message of the restoration. So ya well see how it goes with this poor new missionary whos stuck with me wednesday. I hope you all have a delightful week read the scriptures ok.

Elder Crisp

A one photo summary of Ecudor during World cup
Despidiendo a Elder Sanchez

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