Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20th, 2014

It was a good week here in Simon Bolivar, the people here are slowly being exposed to the reality that the power and authority of Jesus Christ are present and very alive in this world chalked full of lies like he never even established his church, or that we dont need to follow his way exactly just follow something that looks like it. This really is his church, and we were able to find quite a few people to try to help understand that these things are true.

We met a super cool lady this week her names Maria, her niece in the branch but is kind of inactive. We taught about the book of Mormon and she was really interested in it, but then through out the week she wasnt really reading it...I thought she would be one of the people (usually the older folk) that dont want to actually do anything. So we invited her to church, and to keep reading, and we prayed with her that she would have the desires to start to do the invitations... and she actually came. In the meeting the President mentioned the story of Lehis dream in Nephi 8. Maria got super excited cause she recognized the story...the night before she couldnt sleep, so she picked up the book, and read 10 chapters! It was super cool to see that she read an understood, and she enjoyed the meeting a lot from that talk. Shes progressing to be baptized in November.

I was reading the chapter about abinadi in Mosiah 13, a really good example of the faith we need and determination to follow the commandments. He says in 3 and 4 that they will not touch him because he still had not sayed and done exactly what God had commanded, that he had to finish his message, his commandment before they could kill. Just thinking about how strong he had to be in faith, how firm he was that what he was standing for was the truth, that they couldnt even touch him before he did what was commanded. I think it should be the same with us, that nothing should get in our way of being obedient, or reaching out to others, and that if were firm in our knowledge and faith well be this great example to others no.

Elder Crisp

We made a mattress fort but it fell.

The truth is I dont know this guy but he doesnt have feet and wanted a picture with me

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