Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21st, 2014

The Week Holy (Semana Santa)

This was a great week, it kinda felt like i started my mission over. Elder Terrera knows full ways to find new investigators and use our time best. Its something that I honestly didnt learn much from my trainer, so I think well have a lot of success. This week we put dates on Fabricio, 17, Johnathan, 19, and Ana/Gabriela, 21/29. All of them live with members, so they will all be super firm if we continue with them. There is also a couple we are working with, its kind of funny. Theyre not married, so the first night friday we taught (just to the wife Diana) chastity and matrimony. She said shed talk to the husband about marriage. Saturday we couldnt encounter the husband for the second time, but Sunday they attended church. They both said they really enjoyed it, especially the husband which was interesting. Then we went and talked to Diana in the night and she said theyre gonna get married. So with out us teaching anything really, we have them committed to marriage, which from here is way easier. I think its kind of funny, I feel like we didnt do anything. cause we didnt.

Yesterday was a special conference for all of Ecuador, it was cool Elder Holland and Scott spoke. They were both really good talks, Elder Holland spoke about how to make homes holy places, and Elder Scott talked about the Atonement, really emotional about Christs suffering. Elder Holland spoke in English but bore his testimony in Spanish, and even though he could hardly say anything in Spanish it was way poerful, i Think even more for the people here. Cause usually they dont listen to his voice, its just something about his voice the Spirit hits harder. It was a good conference.

So ya the work is picking back up here in this area, Im loving the mission more than ever and Im really happy to be here. I love teaching people about this gospel, I feels great to know we have the one true church of Jesus Christ and that every day theres the possibility for someone to gain the same faith and knowledge and be in the right path too. Have a good week!

Elder Crisp

My new companion....

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