Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5th, 2014


We havent had much progress with investigators this week, primarily our main progressor Diana wasnt able to be married, something with her records i dont know its all confusing here. But shes still super excited and her husband now is preparing to recieve the preisthood so thatll be sweet. Were also teaching to a chick Ana, shes the sister of that man Johnathan preparing for a mission. She doubts a lot but shes getting connected with the YSA and is super excited about that so well see if that helps her. Were also teaching a man, Hector, all of his family are members, he has a son serving in Mexico City. He is super humble and listens and really wants to learn. I guess hes listened to a bunch of missionaries, I dont really know why he hasnt been baptized yet but his wife says hes different now more accepting. So I hope that means were the ones that he needs, cause i would love to see this family connected. Were basically teaching all part member familys right now, but i feel like this is more effective and more joy.

This week in an old liahona a talk from Tad R Callister, about Integrity. He mentions how Joseph Smith throughout the Doctrine and Covenants admitted his weaknesses and his mistakes, how every inquire to the Lord was because of his humility and his honesty that hes weak. He said this proves to us that he wasnt perfect, but also that he had absolutely nothing to hide. His integrity is a testimony that he truly was a prophet not a liar like the world thinks. This talk made me realize that really it is true that integrity is humillity, being true to who you are and being open with your weaknesses. And in Helaman 3:35 that this humillity is what sanctifies us. This is especially important as missionaries, but also in real life being willing to accept council to try to improve is a key part to this life. To being sanctified by the Spirit. It all depends on our disposition to admit mistakes and listen and be humble.

I really do know that Joseph was a prophet and that the book he translated is words of prophets not his own. I know that he did not write a 530 page book, with little education, in a few short months. A book with such deep doctrine, and parables, and clear principles that have changed the lives of millions. That still to this day is being printed and converting people by itself. There is absolutely no way he started all this on his own. The only answer is that he is a true prophet of God and that the book of mormon is true scripture.

Elder Crisp

I ate gusano (worms) yesterday. I know the pics are a little grody.

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