Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12th, 2014

I dont know much to say cause I talked a lot yesterday, now Im in a limbo where Spanish is jumbled with English, obviously i Cant speak English either so I dont have a language. so thanks a lot freaking Americans. Ya I want to tell you about this guy Eder 25 who has a date forthis saturday. This man fell from the sky. He has two friends in the church who brought him to our ward, he was interested cause he had gone to a bunch of activities in their ward. This last week we were looking for him, we only had his phone number no address, and his phone was turned off. So friday night we were rushing home from mision correlation at almost 930 and out the blue he came running out of a store Elders! Elders! haha what were the chances we passed him in the street, we realized later that if we hadnt been trying to get home in time we wouldnt have passed this man. But ya we were able to invite him to a mothers day activity saturday, he came and had a good time with all of the old ladys, and also to church yesterday. Right before the 3rd hour, he says to us, hey so whats the process for me to be baptized? Haha golden. This is before we had taught anything. So we taught him about the gospel right there at church, and he was super sincere, he really wants to be baptized and listen no just because he had fun at the activitys. He mentioned a lot about his son, like 1 year old, how he wants to be a good father and whatnot. Real cool dude im greatful we found him. Or he found us I dont know which it is.

But ya nothing else is new I feel like yesterday I said everything. So ya have a real real good week. Love You All.
Elder Crisp

Some pictures of El Recreo, Duran from the roofs of the family from yesterday

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