Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28th, 2014

"The light of the truth"

This week was good, I dont know if you remember about this man Luis Peñafiel the chico that his mom wouldnt let, but ya we finally baptized him this saturday. It was an awesome baptism, haha we picked him up while his family was getting ready so we were just chilling in the church for like 20 minutes, he was super ansy and excited he couldnt sit still. Haha like a little kid. But Dang he bore his testimony after for a good 5 minutes or so, it was super powerful I dont remember much what he said but this little kid has the spirit definitely. Haha I dont want to brag about an 11 year old but ya it was a great baptism service.

One thing I realized is amazing to see this week is changes in people. Were working with a woman Diana, lives united, no more (ha thats what every one calls it when they live together unmarried) but theyre going to get married this thursday and shell be baptized either this saturday or the next. First of all we met her cause her mom is a member but super inactive. Her mom told us that if we came like a month ago Diana wouldnt listen to anything, and never wanted to learn about God. But weve had her in church these past two weeks, yesterday with her husband they were super involved in the gospel principles class and she was full animated. Haha they gave her the gospel princliples book and shes super protective over it wont let her mom touch it. But ya all this desire to learn came from our simple message the first night about how she needs to get married to have a happy family. Its awesome teaching her. The thing is were not gonna baptize her husband. Ha the day after they went to church last week he remembered he was baptized when he was 8...haha. But ya now her mom is all excited to return too, when we came to the house last night she was doing family history and blasting hymns and reading conference talks. I just love to see how us being where God needs us to be can change people super quick and good.

I feel like I have something else to say but I cant remember ha im bad at writing but ya everything is going great. The Spanish is easy now so nothing really is holding me back I have no excuses so Im just gonna go out there and nail it. Everyone out there do the same please.

Love Elder Crisp

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  1. Good update Elder... We pray for you every night... God be with you.