Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30th, 2015

It was a good time with elder camacho this week, we have a bunch of work to do but a super bomb mission leader to help us...Were trying to reach out to all the converts of two years and look for less actives who can be priesthood holders to help the church grow. We were given a promise that if we work equally 50 50 with less actives and investigators, baptisms will double. Which I know will work especially because a lot of those who are weaker have family members who are ready for the restored gospel. Our strongest investigator right now his parents are also less actives who were working with his name is agustin, hes 30 and its easy to tell hes been affected a lot by alcohol but is super willing to change, hes got a super calm attitude and is always realy content to listen, and always reads from the sections we leave him in the scriptures. We were gonna have his baptism this last friday but hell need to prepare a little more before hand, were hoping that hes not gonna get disencouraged. We have quite a few other people who are also pretty close to baptism so its exciting.

Something that I heard from another missionary this week about testimonies are like sources of heat. Some people have a burning log. Some have an electric resistor. Some have coal. All three work right, all three give off heat, but the log goes out when a breeze comes. The resistor relies on other electricity to be able to give off heat, so if those other sources go out it will as well. But the coal once its lit, itll keep burning. When a breeze comes it burns more, it gets hotter. I think that example serves as a good way to see where we are in our testimonies...Am i a log, am I lamp, or charcoal. Do I give up on my beliefs when the slightest challenge or doubt comes? Do I rely on the testimony of others to confirm what I believe? Or do I get stronger the harder the situation is, do I want mountains to climb to make my testimony firmer like David o Mckay said, Am i unmovable no matter the circumstance? To have our light shine to forth to the world and not hidden under a bushel, like christ said, I think the best, the only, option would be to put some nice hot coals up on that hill.

This is gonna be a bomb week cause today we are traveling 4 hours to guayaquil (for that theres not much time today) to go to the templetomorrow morning, were gonna have a zone conference in only english, and general conference is this weekend! General conference is honestly the best I hope you can all watch every session, I wish I used to do that cause I come out of these weekends feeling stronger always. But ya enjoy the week everyone.

Elder Crisp

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