Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 9th, 2015

Sorry I gotta write super quick cause Im super late, just to say that Im alive, today I was transfered again. I "killed" my companion Elder Gonzalez, hes done with the mission and because there was an odd number of missionaries I got kicked out and put in a trio. Im in a big city way far away from the rest of the mission, called Quevedo. My companions for right now are Elder Camacho a costarican, and Elder OrdoƱez from Honduras. Itll be a really interesting week working with 2 companions but the city were in is known as the paradise of the mission cause the people are a lot more ready to recieve the gospel here. So ya thats whats going on, its been a wild day, i hope every one has a good week!

Elder Crisp

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