Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16th, 2015

The week was really interesting being in a trio but it was cool. What happened is they closed one of the two sectors in this ward, Bellavista, and one of the companions each stayed. So we have been working a lot to keep it like theres still 4 missionaries and 2 sectors here, working a lot in splits and whatnot. There isnt too many people really progressing but there can be. Theres a bunch of members that can help but the truth is that they dont want to right now cause the missionaries lately have been lazy and rude and disobedient. So theres a lot to deal with right now trying to fix those problems. Our duty as missionaries to represent Christ is not just to set an example or gain trust with people outside of his church or trying to come back. Its also so that the members who want to help in the salvation of another can have a worthy and powerful source of help. Anyone would trust Christ with a referal obviously but sadly these members wouldnt (cant) trust the missionaries right now. Something I spoke about sunday cause i had to give a talk and I mentioned that when we invite them to go on a visit to a less active or investigator, or to invite their friends to church, its simply an invitation to help in the eternal salvation of that person. That its a responsibility, cause like when Christ told Peter when hes converted to strengthen his brethren (Luke 22:32) If were converted, we are willing to work to strengthen our brethren. Having a testimony like peter had wont be enough to save ourselves, but also to be converted, and we cant be converted if we dont fortalize those around us Being called Gods people means that were willing to mourn with those who mourn, to lift the weight of others, to confort those who need to be comforted, to always be his witness (Mosiah 18:8-10). Were killing it out here and Im getting really excited for conference in 3 weeks to listen to prophets seers revelators called of God. Im happy to be here in Quevedo sharing this perfect restored gospel designed by our Father in heaven!

Elder Crisp

los 3 nefitas (the 3 Nephites)

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