Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 2nd, 2015

It was a satisfying week and we had a baptism, of a young women Paola. It was a pretty cool experience with her cause even though her sisters and mom are members (she lives apart from them) she was super opposed to the message at first, she had previously been baptized in another christian church. She repeated a billion times the first night we met her in january that there is no true church of jesus christ that any road will do and that nothing will convince her otherwise. She came to church a few times with her family, but didnt really listen when we tried to teach her. Her whole attitude changed when one day when we went to her house we found her sitting outside, super down from a bad day she had had....she told us that we came at just the right time, that we were answers to her prayer and "angels".

That one moment is when she really started to act and have desires to follow the restored gospel. Its amazing how often that kind of thing happens, where we just happen to be in the right place in the right time, that really led to the conversion of paola. after being a missionary for over a year I still cant accept the belief that Im an "angel", i disagree with that haha. But i do know that even though im nowhere near being a perfect missionary or disciple of Christ, God does use us as missionarys, he kinda just throws us where he needs us to be without us even realize it. Thats a lesson for anybody in life too....the small, seemingly unimportant decisions we make sometimes can make the huge difference for our own salvation, or even better some one elses. Thats a huge testimony of our Father´s love for us.

I read the book of Helaman this last week which is full of super good scriptures, and i also listened to a talk from President Bensen "book of mormon the keystone of religion". He tells that a huge chunk of the book is focused on the time right before the coming of Christ, right when the times were most important. That is super evident in Helaman, that because of their combinations and pride, and apathy, they started to fall, the chosen people of the lord, right as the son of God came into the world. Im sure satans gonna get worse and worse as we get closer and closer to the coming of christ, and I think the invitation from bensen to learn from the Nephites of how to prepare for that coming is wise. I hope every one has a good one.

Elder Crisp

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