Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23rd, 2015

This week was cool, were still in the trio and the works kinda picking up. We had a baptism of a young women Erika whos 16 and whos sisters were baptised some time ago, she had doubts about it before, but finally felt ready and was super happy...she wasnt confirmed yet though because we had stake conference saturday and sunday. Which was a really cool conference, we had a bunch of investigators there to see some powerful talks from president riggins and the temple president Furhiman and the stake president.

I read through Mormon 8 and 9 this past week which are super bomb about how the record they were trying to preserve would come back to us, and in what state the world would be in at the time of the restoration of this with the gospel....
I love the when moroni talks in 9:19 20 about the miracles that God still can perform. God is still the same. God will never change. Why would He cease to be a god of miracles and still be an unchangeable. I know that Christ performed the miracles that are written in the new testament and in the book of mormon, . And because that same power of priesthood is found today, and God doesnt change, we can see miracles in our lives. We can experience all that firsthand. I know because I have seen it here, almost everyday. Huge miracles. Tiny ones. Some that are so simple that you cant notice without effort. A miracle he gives us is the ability to change who we are by changing what we want. Thats one of the biggest ive seen- completely changing what we desire to conform with what he wants. Whatever be the thing we need, God can do it. I know God is there and he is a God of miracles, no one can make me deny that.

So since I started writing this letter one of my companions was just notified hes got transfer so everythings back to normal. its cool cause he was the one bringing this ward down really. So ya i cant write that much more cause we have to leave, but i might come back to finish the time to be able to talk a littl more.

Elder Crisp

quevedo ecuador
im a menace to society

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