Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6th, 2015

The week was super sweet Im feeling super pumped right now after being able to go the the temple this week and listen to the conference talks all weekend long. It was especially super sweet cause we had 6 investigators come to conference and I know that left an impact on them, to hear the men called of God to be his special witnesses testify of His Son, on the day he saved the world from death. I noticed a lot of theme to be marriage, like family life and finding a spouse cough cough Ethan cough cough Amy. And about the plan of salvation, our divine potencial and how we need to fulfill. I loved Elder Bednars talk about godly fear, I think that is the best way to apply everything we learn. He teaches that godly fear is deep respect and love for the lord, trusting him and realizing that we have to respond before the end there will be no excuse at judgement for what we do, and unless we press forward in christ, and fear god in this life, that will be a fearful day.
Some quotes i liked its never to late to make the choice weve already made. to follow Gods plan
God cant obligate us to believe...Dont give up keep believing.
A saint is a sinner who keeps on trying
Dont pretend to be in a car show when really your in the mechanic shop

Christ, The most accomplished man who has ever lived, was also the most humble

Serve not from assignment, but from geniune love for god and his children

President Monsons firm invitation to go to the temple and remember our covenants

All the super devout people hear dont eat meat and chicken during the week or something like that for the holy week (but then spend the weekend wasted), and so instead they have a "special" dish to eat for the week called fanesca. Its every type of bean and grain you can imagine in a soup with tuna and fish and sardine. Look up a picture of it it will make you want to eat it ha. I dont understand why they have that tradition but ya thats what i got to eat to celebrate easter haha. I missed ham and easter egg hunts but instead I (we) learned a ton about the atonement and the ressurrection of Christ, and what an impact that is....Our lives changed at that moment like Uchtdorf said. The atonement and resurrection is the gift of victory over the fall...well all be at that sandy ledge about to fall and there is only one person, the son of god who will be able to reach out for us.

Im really happy to be here Bellavista of Quevedo Ecuador, I know the work im doing is the same work that Christ called his disciples to do in matthew 28: 19, and that He lives, and directs His church by prophets, seers, and revelators, who are the First presidency and the 12 apostles. The Bible is true and the Book of Mormon is true and they together are a perfect testimony of Christ. Im happy to know and share these things with wild fanesca eating Ecuatorians.

Elder Crisp

the gringo room at conference. we got to watch 3 sessions in english

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