Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23rd, 2015

The first few days of the week were pretty wild and we couldnt leave to teach or anything. We tried to leave for a second to buy a cola at the corner and all of our neighbors dumped a ton of water and eggs on us it was crazy. Literally all of the people in the street were covered in paint, the whole country was shut down just to get dirty and wet. Ha so that was cool, trying to start back up again after the war died down wasnt too easy. But this week we didnt have that many new investigators or anything. We do have two planned baptisms for this saturday with some people weve been working with, the both arent super sure. Ones name is paola whos 17, all her sisters are members but she had been going to a different church, but shes been getting involved with the yw and everything so she feels really good here. And the others name is antonio, hes like 40 his girlfriends a super strong member and hes been investigating for a long time. I think he had a few doubts that hes been able to clear up about something that happened in his past, so were hoping to be able to finally harvest the work of a years worth of missionaries. They both need a lot of prayers and help for this saturday to be a bomb day for them.

Sunday the branch president got up and started talking about the men not doing their home teaching, just speaking directly and boldly that it needs to be done and that neglecting those people who are struggling in the gospel cant be, especially cause its not even requiring that much to visit them and make them feel loved. It was pretty sad to see 3 men, two of them return missionaries, all three endowed and sealed in the temple start to chirp back at him saying that hes taking away their agency, and imposing a lot on them. That just made me realize how important it is to be willing to serve. To not complain about it either. Theres always things that we can do to serve if its as easy as a calling or home teaching assignments or cleaning the church or doing whatever, and to think that its something imposing to participate a little in the help of someones salvation is obviously not the right attitude. Im glad that i had good examples of for one the home teaching in bro warner and bro wilson, who kinda made me do it haha but hey we did it. I think we should all sit back and see really how disposed we are to serve. Im super happy to serve here, im really happy to be a missionary.

Elder Crisp

my comps birthday

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