Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13th, 2015

Were in the super fun season of ecuador they call winter where its stupid hot during the days and then it dumps rain at night...when its not raining all the water is being evaporated all around our faces and its like being in a sauna or a duck oven and it makes walking around be really enjoyable. and then while we sleep the rain makes this magical effect when it hits on the roof where its like im back in the womb being lullabied like one of those snakes in india... thats honestly the best way to sleep. All i know is that with all this sun and rain i have gained a huge testimony of the water cycle. I know its true.

We discovered a fruit that makes boooomb shakes its called "borojó", its a nasty looking and smelling and feeling fruit but you mix it with milk and sugar and its super bomb it tastes like yogurt from a natural flowing mountain stream in the alps or something. We tried it with a member then we bought one and started making our own and then we found out that its got some chemical thats supposed to make you more romantic haha. So we might stop drinking it or well turn into one of those old THIS IS BOB commercials.

So we hadnt had much luck finding the people we had been teaching before, who had come to churhc and started preparing to be baptized. But we got a lot of help from above yesterday, out of nowhere came 3 investigators to church who are family of Edgar a member who we got going to church after a few years of inactivity (he gave me a sweet tie yesterday that i complemented him on last week), and then in the afternoon after ward council we saw the recently released ward mission leader Tito (hes a champ) touring his non member brother and family around the church, turns out theyre moving here from guayaquil this week and theyre married and interested so yesterday was a super good day.

I read and liked the miracle that Christ performed on the blind man Barmaeus in mark 10:48-52. Ive been thinking a lot about why its important to know how Christ was because part of his mission is to know who the Father is. And in this story the blind dude says "have mercy on me Lord". And Christ responds "what do you want". Not that Christ didnt know exactly what the blind man crying to him wanted, obviously his sight. But He didnt heal barmaeus until he asked exactly what he wanted- "Lord, that I might recieve my sight". I think its the same with God....were talking to Him, we cant just ask for "blessings" or "help with that thing". If we need an answer, or something, we got to get off our butt like Barmaeus and ask specifically. Then our faith can make us whole.

Keep it one hunnid out there folks. Shout out to Elder taylors mom

Elder Crisp´

borojo and brownies we made, it all looks disgusting but it was bomb.

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