Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27th, 2015

Basically the people we have progressing right now are the Family Barreiro, and its going really well. Its funny the wife Veronica is super super excited about everything we teach her. She listened to the same lesson that you taught Mom last week about the Restoration and came to us with a bunch of questions and was really curious about everything. We watched the Restoration video with them this week, afterwards she was like I totally get it, now I know more for the Relief society class for Sunday! Shes way pumped up, but she couldnt come to church, the husband Geovani came alone with their older son and daughter who are 11 and 6....the mom and the other son were sick. But still they seem really really happy to listen and are understanding everything, I havent been so excited to teach people in a quite a while. I really feel like this family is in the perfect moment for the gospel and that they moved here for a reason, I really hope they can keep progressing.

Im really running out of interesting things to say in these letters. Haha. Were looking for people to teach, were teaching. Were walking and discovering new parts of our area cause its huge. were trying to help less actives and converts that are still week. We tried to turn our freezer into an air conditioner in our room last night and it didnt work we were still hot. Im teaching myself how to cook fancy things and it kinda turns out. Im progressing a lot as a person here ha. Have a good one yal. Happy birthday to my two favoritst people ever! Mom and Ben!

Elder Crisp

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