Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20th, 2015

We had a good week, during the week we didn't have too many people to teach, quite a few of our investigators were out of town, but we had the family Barreiro who we met last week that was moving here to Quevedo in church, and the brother of a less active who we barely met saturday came as well. We havent taught them yet or got to know them that well but I have a lot of faith that the family Barreiro that came are gonna be super receptive to the gospel and will progress. We normally have the challenge that we teach and teach and teach people but they never want to wake up to go to church, but here its been the opposite, people are coming when we just barely meet them, its a lot easier that way, so we got a lot of people to teach this week.
Something that President has had us start to do is look for Gods hand in everything we do....look for how he has blessed us , and find joy in everything we do. Its been cool looking for the Lords hand in everything, really there has been a lot this week. I find joy in that my shoes still haven't broken even a little so far. I find joy in old spice champion cause i sweat a lot but I dont smell that bad nor have stain in my clothes. I find joy in how much the Spirit helps us to teach and also in those magical words I testify. I find joy in members who get super excited when we ask them if they have somebody they want us to teach and they do. I find joy in the dude that gave me a sweet poncho. Its really easy to not think about the sweetness that is life, or the mission, but then again its super easy to realize all the little things and be super happy.

Elder Crisp

mi nuevo poncho bacan

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