Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7th, 2014

So despite what everyone thinks, yes i got to see conference. All of it. Haha wow its way different in Spanish, but I could understand it so it was cool. Some talks I liked was Elder Ballard talked about missionary work, and how all of you guys should be familiar with Preach my Gospel too. He talked about commitments, we as missionaries have to make commitments with every body for them to change. But we can make these commitments personally too, to improve ourselves, like do missionary work on ourselves. President Monson in Preiesthood was powerful, he said we need to have the valor to say absoulutely no to temptaions. Really boldly he said if were in a place we shouldnt be, GET OUT. he said it like 3 times haha. Basically to be the same people in darkness as in the light of day.

President Uchtdorfs talk on gratitud was also sweet, that life is just easier if were grateful-grateful that we can live in neverending joy. Gratitud is a common trait in every Christlike attribute, if were grateful we have everything, and we can trade our tears for happiness with gratitud. Gary Stevenson the bishop I liked he said how those members who were in the olympics. All the athletes train for all that time like 4 years, and all their success depends on 4 minutes of competition. We need to feel the urgency of this "4 minutes" that we have that is life....We have eternity to think about the decisions we made here, so make our luge runs and whatnot worth it haha.

But ya conference was pretty sweet, we invited a bunch of people and they were all excited for it, but no one came, it was a waste of such a good oppurtunity. This week in the mission we have a new rule....We do not baptize 8-13 years olds. Unless their parents baptizes too. And 14-18 years olds we have new rules to make sure they are perfectly prepared to be baptized. I think this is awesome, cause theyre obviously trying to get us to go for full families. Although its really difficult to find good strong familys with fathers ready for the gospel, these are the families that stay strong and are basically gold. So we really only have one focus as a mission now.

We can still baptize our man Luis PeƱafiel, cause his mom is a member, he has a date for the 19th, our only date and Im super excited for that causes he way way more than prepared. Were gonna go out there and find some gold families this week. And were not gonna stop looking until we have a family of 13. Have a good week everybody.

Elder Crisp

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