Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31st, 2014

"Built upon the rock"

Again not much happened this week...I got sick this week, for the first time. It wasnt too bad, but since like tuesday i feel absolutely terrible after eating, and I started a fever on friday. i still have a fever of 38, i think thats only a little over 100, and now a sore throat. I rested after church yesterday until like 5, and it felt wierd not doing anything so we left and worked haha. its funny, every single member here thinks theyre a doctor, and every single one has diagnosed me with different things, flu, cold, dengue haha. I hope ill be better this week, so I can go out and kill it in my last week of training.

It stunk this week, our investigator Andrea (the mom of the baptisms last week) got super sick with gastritis or something, ended up in the hospital and had an operation. All of the family has been out of town with her, so 1 we havent been able to teach and strengthen Johel and Efren, and 2 make progress with Andrea. But obviously the worst part is that shes super sick.

But ya we did find out some GrEAT news about Luis PeƱafiel, more or less old investigator whose mom wouldnt give us permission. The other Elders from this ward went to his house Saturday morning(without us knowing) to see if they couldnt convince his mom last second to be baptized (we were short 1 for the zone goal). They talked for like an hour, she said that if we had asked her last sunday she would have said yes for that saturday. Which sucks cause we missed that oppurtunity. But we know shes ready to give permission. Its awesome cause the Spirit really helped us know how to do it. The other week we shared a scripture I think in Mosiah 28 about how Alma the older and the people were praying for alma to change...and that he can pray for his mom to change her mind. We also committed him to start praying with his mom every night. And he did it! Just the fact that he was praying showed her he is being converted. Aslo hes attended church alone without help 4 weeks in a row. Hes freaking 11 years old. This kids gold. But ya hes gonna be baptized, it was really touching to hear that the Mom had been touched by the Spirit.

Everything is going great here, im loving it here in the mission. Im super happy everyday this is the perfect spot. chao.

Love Elder Crisp

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