Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10th, 2014

This week was kind of disappointing, our only date that we had, Luis, couldnt be baptized cause we couldnt get permission. We seriously spent like 4 hours throughout the week trying to obtain it, not even for this saturday but at least some time this month. Cause she wants him to wait like a year first. Which translates to he´ll never be baptized unless she changes her mind haha. No it was kind of funny, we asked if hes not ready now when is ready for you? Shes like when he can say that this church is true, and the BoM is true, etc.... So we turn to Luis and asked him if he believed those things, and even quizzed him about the principles of the gospel and the commandments and what not. Everything we asked he said was true and knows everything perfectly. But still the mom was basically thats not good enough. Whatever haha.

We got an awesome reference, a teenager names Joel - hes recovering from drug and i think alcohol abuse. His mom told him he needs to start going to a church to be strengthen and what not, so we go over and tell him hey we kind of got this church thing that can strengthen you and what not. He was super interested, and was answering all questions really good, And he and his mom and younger brother accepted dates for the 22nd. Theyre all really strong. Its sweet cause the mom only intended for her son to start going to church, but now the whole family will.

So a couple weeks ago we met this inactive Johnathan hes 19. He came to church for the first time in like a year and a half on his own. So we talked to him and said hed me with us and stuff, so this last thursday we go to his house. He told us hes gonna start getting ready for a mission! That was pretty sweet to hear. That one second he was completely inactive and now because of a prompting he had to go to church one time hes gonna gonna go serve. He went out with us all day yesterday, and hes got a really good testimony and teaches real well. Its cool too, hes has less than 2 years in the church, which is the same for a lot of missionarys in the zone-I think 4 are less than 3 years converts. Its awesome to think about cause all of their baptisms lead to all the people they baptize. Just 1 convert in all of their missions can lead to 100 more converts.

So ya things are real good over here in El Recreo 2na y 3ra Etapas. I hope yall are doing well and everything and have a good week! Love Elder Crisp

1. Zona Duran Norte 2
2. Action shot cooking
3. Missionarys in our house (El gordito transfered today)

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