Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th, 2013


Hey so this week started off pretty good, but kind of went downhill. We were putting in work and by friday we had 10 baptism dates for this month, 3 for 22nd and 7 for 29th. But only 1 of those dates attended church. 1 out of 10. Thats definitely our biggest difficulty is getting people to the chapel at 8 in the morning. I want to rip them all out of bed.
Ya and the one who did attend, his names Andres. Hes pretty cool, hes 24 but seriously acts like a 4 year old its hilarious. He broke up with his girlfriend this last week (who was living with him) so we took advantage of that cause he could actually be baptized. On Friday when we talked to him, he said they were done forever. And they showed up holding hands to church on Sunday. Haha it was good that he came, but now we cant do anything...Shes 17 so they cant get married without her parents permission, which is a no. So ya we went from 10 dates to 0.

Our only really strong investigators, Joel and his mom and brother, couldnt make it cause they were out of town...that stunk but theyre still really strong, i dont have any doubt that theyll continue to progress, especially Joel, I dont know if I told but hes had problems with drugs and really wants to change. He super prepared, its amazing to see how quickly his life can change, how quickly the lord can find him and bring him back.

This last saturday was an activity for the youth of the ward, a day as a missionary. Haha it could have turned out real bad, they gave them all name tags that looked like the real placards, it was like 15 kids running around the city representing the church who knows what could have happened. But it turned out great, they were contacting all day and we got like 20 contacts from them. I think the youth here are much more animated and comfortable with missionary work here. The ward here is smaller and I think theres 6 or 7 missionaries serving, and it seems like every youth even girls are preparing for missions. I know understand why the church in S America is growing so fast cause everybody serves its cool.

I dont have much this week sorry , Im almost done with training, Almost done with 2 transfers here in the field, its pretty crazy. Chao todo.

Love Elder Crisp

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