Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24th, 2014

This last saturday was probably the happiest Ive been so far. We baptized Johel and Efren Chavez, 16 and 11, Johel is the one who has had a rough past with drugs and whatnot and it felt amazing helping him out. It was kind of crazy leading up to saturday cause right now we really dont have investigators, only that family. And their mom too was gonna be baptized Saturday. So the majority of our effort was on securing the mom, cause the other two were rock solid. Up until Saturday morning, when she said no not this week. It was a bummer cause all of the family would be awesome, but I honestly wasnt too bummed cause I know she wasnt ready-even though we got special permission, she hasnt attended church.

But man was the baptism powerful. I changed and walked back in the room and Johel was bearing his testimony. He said that all the times he was doing all those bad things, he felt like God was angry at him and he couldnt stand himself. And that now he finally feels like God is happy and proud of him and that he knows hes in the right path now. Wow that was awesome to hear. I was super happy for both of them, their both awesome and I hope we can have the mom come around too.

Thats all I really have this week, we honestly didnt have anything else happen but ya Im almost done with my training...I feel like ive been here for like 6 months but then again way less than 10 weeks...Haha. . Thanks for the support and everything tenga una buena semana!

Love Elder Crisp

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