Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8th, 2015

So this week we hardly had any time to work.... I got my companion wednesday. His name is Elder Alvarado hes from Lima. We spent the day in the presidents house, that was my first time going there, its was sweet. Obviously he talked about the basics of teaching and missionary work and whatnot for the new missionaries, but I learned a lot, We stayed quite a while after cause the sister Riggins was worried about some crap that i showed her sprouting out of my face. So we got back really late wednesday, we worked all of thursday but friday we had to go back to Guayaquil for this ugly stuff thats growing on my face. It turns out that i have Folliculitis its pretty nasty and now i cant shave till it all goes away. All the members yesterday were calling me "Castaway" and saying wilson! cause I havent shaven since wednesday haha. But despite the lack of time we had to work, we had help from the fast we had, an investigator we just barely talked to saturday in the night, his names gonzalo, came to church, he wants to get baptized so were gonna help him get married, and start teaching to his girlfriend. it was definitely an answer from god.

I had just been reading a talk from this last general conference, the magazine finally got to us, and i was reading a talk from Neil l ANderson in his talk "Thy Kingdom Come" who tells something that Pres monsons told him.

Eighteen years ago while traveling on a train in Switzerland with President Monson, I asked him about his heavy responsibilities. His response strengthened my faith. “In the First Presidency,” he said, “we do everything we can to move this work forward. But this is the Lord’s work, and He directs it. He is at the helm. We marvel as we watch Him open doors we cannot open and perform miracles we can scarcely imagine.”

Thats way true and i have definitely seen that here in the mission. Sometimes we dont involve God in the work, in our decisions or when we need help. We just kind of do it how we want it. But ive definitely seen that we Hes the one guiding us, stuff like what happened saturday with Gonzalo happens, doors open and we get a bunch of help. I think thats a super powerful quote and its definitely true. 

Shoutsout to ben for graduating what a champ, im pumped to hear his call, Shoutsout to the corolla too. good buy. Ya so have a good week.

Love, Elder Crisp

an adorable little jungle looking river tree deal. thats nature baby.
4 missionarys of bellavista

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