Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29th, 2015

This week we had a family come with us to church, the mendoza family, the dad Angel is a lessactive member from 20 years but hes way excited to come back to church, as he remembers the things he used to learn he gets excited and clarifies them to his wife, Leticia, who is preparing to get baptized. They have a kid whos 8 who also will get baptized, in this month were gonna help them to get married and its gonna be super sweet. And also Voltaire the main man came to church, we thought he had given up cause he stopped answering our calls, we thought he just wanted to keep live his life as a drunk, but we finally contacted him and he came to church completly alone and super early, told us he hasnt drunken all week, and in the church was super calm and happy to be there. A few members helped a bunch to make him feel comfortable and like he was with family, were super happy for him and his progress.

I loved a talk that the bishops son who recently got back from his mission gave in church yesterday, talking about the story in the book of mormon when Moroni and his soldiers are abandoned and with out food, and Moroni gets mad and chews out Pahoran, even though Pahoran was in a similar situation. He spoke about how We sometimes are like Moroni, we get upset with others with out understanding the situation completely. We make accuations and threats like Moroni, or simply judge without reason. But, wheter were the ones that judge, or if were like pahoran, being judged unfairly, we need to take the high road as did Pahoran. He responded super calmly and took the high road, he basically hey bro I understand where youre coming from, I know you got a big heart and are trying to help, but hey man Im trying my best. Ha he responded like a champ, with love, humility, and without trying to start more problems. I really liked that talk.

Elder Crisp

I call this photo "The Joy of the Gospel"

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