Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15th, 2015

To start off, congrats to Ben thats way exciting about the mission call! Way back in the day when i was serving in the mission La Paz we had a bunch of success we found a lot of humble loving people I had a lot of great experiences....let me tell ya youre gonna love that country. Its real neat. ha just playing

We had a good week, weve found quite a new people to teach, theres this dude Voltaire (dope name) who we met when he was drunk and wants to quit alchohol, hes super humble and willing to accept the gospel so and were helping him to drop that. We also got the main man Gonzalo whos working to be married to be able to be baptized, hes got a few problems in his relationship that are coming up so we have to help him a lot. We met a few part member families, this one lady Maria has been inactive like 18 years and have hardly seen missionaries that whole time, she wants to come back to church and her family is also interested. Theres so many people with so many different things going on, so many different stories, but in the end they all have one thing in common. The Restored Gospel Is The Best Thing That Can Happen To Them, Its The Most Important Message They Will Ever Hear.

I was thinking a bunch about and I shared with the ward in a talk Sunday a simple thing Christ said in John 8:14. In defending his testimony that he was the son of God, he said simply enough For I know whence I came, and whither I go. To be able to be firm in defending our testimony, following His example, we must be sure from where we came, and to where are we going. Know what our purpose is. Know who we are. This life is a war (D&C 76:29) and were encircled about, as saints of God, by Satan. Knowing who we are helps us to be sure, like Nephi saw in our days (1 Nephi 14:14), that we are "armed with righteousness and power from God in great glory". That comes from a sure testimony of from whence we come and whither we go, with that testimony we can be sure of our beliefs and defend and share them.

Elder Crisp

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