Friday, June 5, 2015

June 1st, 2015

Hey how goes it everyone. Im doing good. Elder Camacho finished his mission so Im in guayaquil right now with the homie Elder Lizana and ill be here the next couple of days cause my companions getting here wednesday. We met quite a few new people this week, we tried to give it a little more to finish off his last week on a good note. We met this lady feliza who just lost her son, this other dude osualdo who always is cleaning his table right outside his house and has some interesting chest hair and has been married for 25 years. And weve been fighting with the Barreiros to get an answer from God if the church is true....we found out the problem is theyre kinda scared to get the answer.....theyre scared to have to act on that answer and so theyre hesitant to pray sincerely and actually listen. But we got them over that, and we talked about fasting and praying and they want to do a fast, were gonna fast with them this week. They liked the scripture from Alma 5:46 that says that he prayed and fasted MANY days to be able to know the truth of what he is teaching. 

This week we saw a huge miracle with a less active member who gave birth...shes like 44 and there was supposed to be huge birth defects and problems with her own health, but everything came out (literally) perfectly fine thanks to her faith and a priesthood blessing. It was a huge testimony that God knows us, he answers prayers, and that the preisthoods real. Ya so everythings good, Im kind of a little bit safe here in guayaquil even though today we took a taxi with some dude from lebanon and he started talking about how much he knows about explosive weapons, and that everyone in his country comes out of the womb hating north americans.... I made it out of that taxi alive. haha. Well I love you all, find joy in everything you do. Thats the key.

Elder Crisp

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