Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 7th, 2014

Yo so I dont have that much to say this week, I think Im just kind of getting too routine with this MTC thing. I just need to actually get out there in the field and mix it up. Its nice studying but I think Ive learned all that I can in Spanish (I can understand everything they say in the Book of Mormon save a few words here and there!) and the only way ill get better is actually talk to real people. Ive definitely plateaued there and of course I can always learn more teaching skills and scriptures and whatnot, but I can do that in the field. So im just gonna up and leave this. No I got my flight info and im leaving tuesday morning at 1 AM. Thatll be delightful. A week from today Ill be in South America eating bananas and selling cocaine by the kilo off the side of the road. Im super excited and I just want to finally share the message with real people!
That moses thing reminds something David Bednar´s wife said in a devo, that all we need to do to resisisit sin is to remember who you are. Its that simple but its super protecting. It reminds in Mosiah 4 i think it says something like I cant say all the ways you can sin, but just watch your thoughts and actions, and you will have the spirit. Something like that. But thats all you got to do just watch what you think and remember that it needs to fit with who you are.
I am very very glad to hear that FS won it, just think about how happy their parents are to have raised them to be so clutch ya know. I hope you all have a good week, at work and at school and at play. Well see ya in a few weeks!
 "My dominican linda princesa" (beautiful princess)

"My adorable teacher Hermano Soto and his fiance, ranked number 2 on cutest couples ever."

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