Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 31st, 2013

Ya the Bednar talk was pretty awesome. It was from Provo, but it was pretty cool, he pretty much just answered questions from the audience, we could write notes and pass them and then they were emailed to his Ipad. It was so mindblowing how every question it seemed he had prepared a talk for. Hes crazy smart. Some things i liked from it he said the best missionaries are the ones who know this isnt about them, and that the more you focus on yourself, the harder it is for the spirit to come in. He also said his favorite hero in the scriptures is nephi, because of the story how he went to get the plates not knowing beforehand what he would do. The action goes before the power comes, thats how faith works. There was a lot more awesome stuff I cant write all of it though.

Thats awesome you went to the bowl! I miss football. I want to watch sports so bad. I hope you guys had fun without me haha. I think that program youre talking about is a really good idea. WE just had a talk the other night, they gave us M &Ms which stand for Members and missionaries. They told us how we need to use the members as a missionary tool cause thats the way that works. Family history is actually really fun, my roommate was super into it back at school, and he kinda got me into it as well. Its really interesting.

Im not gonna lie I kinda teared up when I read that dad saw kent. Im not gonna lie I was praying for him the other week so I hope that helped, i will continue to do that. If you can let him know that I love him and miss him a lot. For new years plans, tonight were gonna sleep on the roof and watch the fireworks tonight. If ive learned one thing about mexicans is that they love fireworks. I know were prolly breaking the rules but i dont care. Ask me if i care. I dont.
I cant really think of anything more that happened this week, I hung this elders teddy bear because he kept kicking my bed and putting my nail clippers in my shoe. It was hilarious. Umm Im just super ready to go, I only have one more p day in the CCM! I hope you all have a delicious week, just do what you do ya know. Love you all - Love Elder Crisp

The aforementioned hanged bear

The cutest Christmas card ever

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