Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27th, 2014

2nd Week

Hey, this week went by way faster, I cant already tell that itll keep getting quicker. But this week we werent able to get as much done.... on wednesday I had to go into guayaquil to do some stuff for my visa here, and then the next day we had exchanges to interview our dates....2 of the 3 dropped by the way. But it was cool i went with an argentinan elder on the exchange and suprisingly i could understand a lot of what he said, and i felt like I could speak way better spanish with him and others. Haha it kinda made me wish that i had a latino companion. But still even with Elder Le Fevre im learning.

We were still able to find some new investigators this week, one of which is a man who has a weird name i cant remember. But we initially contacted his wife, who made it sound like she was seperated, so it was a surprise when we went to teach her and he was there alone. We taught him and he was way interested and çwe set a date for him. We havent had a change to teach the wife but she seemed really receptive too so i think we can baptize her too and their 4 kids. I really hope. We found the family in this little village called Pantanel, basically poor boondocks outside the city. Its a really interesting place, there pigs and dogs running around playing with eachother, its really jacked up. But everyones super cool there and ready.

We had a baptism saturday, her name is Luz. Shes a really nice old lady. Haha shes younger than Mom though.But ya it was a cool experience, a lot of her family came and were really happy, well try to talk to them all. Her daughter is one of the ones who dropped, were trying to get her back on date. Interesting fact she´s im pretty sure Miss Ecuador. like seriously theres hundreds of those toddlers and tiaras sashes on their wall. But ya we have a few strong investigators right now so the works going well.

It pretty much rains every night here, some nights its completlely pouring all night long. It doesnt rain much during the days, but when it does its great cause its cools me off a ton. But the streets fill up so much, and we end up wading through water past my socks. Fun stuff.... I hope you all have a good week!!!
Elder Crisp Love

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