Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 13th, 2014

Hey so Im leaving tonight at 10 (my plane leaves at 1 am). Its a 5 hour flight to colombia, then a two hour lay over and then another two hours till Ecuador. Im soooo excited. Dont worry about me if someone wants to fight i can hold my own. But ya its gonna be way awesome, everyone else is nervous but im not nervous at all. I know right when i get there i wont know a thing anyone says but itll be alright. Haha thats funny to hear about that game(settlers of catan). that game is fun. . Oh ya i didnt actually sleep on the roof [on New Years' Eve], but i did watch fireworks it was sweet. Thank you for all the advice, ill keep it in mind throughout the week. I dont got much time to email, maybe i can email more tomorrow. Oh ya the MTC President said calling at the airport is against mission rules, but if I get a chance i will. If i do ill call at night, not at my first layover cause thats at 430 in the morning for you guys. Well see. Good luck to everyone this week!
Love Elder Crisp

Elder Crisp arrived in the mission field on January 14th. This is a letter  from the mission offices:

Crisp Family,
Receive a warm greeting from our part. It pleases us to inform you that Elder Crisp has arrived to the mission field without any complications. We are very happy to receive him in the Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission. Attached you will find the following: One picture with President and his companion, one with his companion, one with the group with which he came, a letter written by your son, and a letter from President Amaya.
Thank you for the support you give to Elder Crisp.

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