Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 10th, 2013

Sorry that Im not gonna do the usual talk in Spanish thing in emails. Cause I hate Spanish. Its taking over my brain, every sentence I want to throw in something in Spanish. No Im just playing, but I am loving the CCM! Its way different than I expected, its just feels wierd to be a missionary! My district is cool and everything, Ill include some pictures of them. The second day I was here, we already started teaching lessons in Spanish to "investigators", and weve done three total, all of them have actually gone pretty well! I suprise myself when Im trying to think of a sentence and it just comes. I guess thats the Spirit but still its amazing.

My companion, Elder Evans, doesnt know any Spanish, so I literally have to speak the entire 30 minutes, but I try to get him involved, even if its just having him read a scripture or bear the testimony he wrote down in Spanish. Hes cool though, hes trying his best to learn. On Saturday, my instructor Hermano Sanchez was trying to teach him a few things one on one and Elder Evans just wasnt absorbing it. And I tried to help him teach and I think it helped him a little more because obviously my English is better. After wards, Hermano Sanchez took me aside and told me I was an answer to his prayer right there, he said he had been praying the night before about those who struggled in our district, Elder Evans and a Hermana. He said he had no idea how to help them learn better, but he told me that God put me with Elder Evans because I was supposed to help him with the language. He said that was my tarea from God or something along those lines. The instructors awesome by the way, and suprisingly I understand most of what he says cause he pretyy much only speaks Spanish in class.

Sunday was really great, thats when I really started to feel the Spirit, First I was called to speak in Sacrament meeting (where we have the Holy Dinner haha ethan will get it). They told our branch all to prepare 5 minute talks on the restoration, and of course I had to be the one from all the new district to be called. Right before I spoke, there was an elder that bore a testimony, in English, but it was crazy powerful. In like a super sturn voice and with all his passion, he said something like Nobody would suffer all these things for a false book they made up, talking about Joseph Smith. He was almost yelling but in a revernt way, I dont know but it was a good testimony. So then I spoke, just kinda about how GOd prepared the way, with america and everything, for the restoration. It was alright, but it was great practice speaking spanish.

Later on Sunday we watched the Christmas Devo, and the Joseph Smith Prophet of the restoration movie, and the Spirit was good in that meeting, mostly from the movie. Then we sang God be with you to all the missionaries leaving, and it was funny i was like bawling for the other missionaires as they like hugged and stuff. It was so gay of me. haha. I think it was just everything from the Spirit in that meeting built up, and then just let all out, but it was strong nonetheless.

Today we were able to go to the temple, which was awesome, the Mexico temples huge and so awesome. They made us do it with headphones in English and do the veil in English but i wanted to do it in Spanish. I just took the headphones off and I understood everything. In the celestial room I prayed how I can be more Chirstlike, as well as help Elder Evans and I learn better, and I got some good answers. Just to always be looking for ways to help other missionaries cause were all in the same service. I felt that me and Elder Evans should be praying ALL the time for the gift of tongues, just continually praying and i think that will help.

To answer some questions, the food here is kind mexican but they try to make it american, its good anywho. Its all just unexpected flavors ya know. Its just an awesome experience all around here, its a great place to be. Well I hope you all have a good week, I know I will. Sorry I dont know anyones email but you can give this to anyone you want. Paz

-Elder Crisp

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