Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 17th, 2013

Hey guys,

Ya I saw that it was cold in California and I was cracking up. Thats stinks for you guys. The weathers like perfect here, except it smells like sewer everywhere. I love that whole story of Abinidi cause what ive leanred so far is its not about numbers, its about planting seeds. Just as long as some can get even a little bit of the message. IT reminds me of a talk we watched from JEffrey R Holland this last week, he said by the time you get home you need to have converted at least one person. And it better have been you. Actually that doesnt really have anything to do with it but I like that. He said a lot more stuff but i dont remember it its in my notebook. I probably could share some good spiritual experiences with you since thats what you probably want but theyre all in my notebook which I dont have with me, I dont keep anything in my memory.

We watched a jacked up Mexican christmas play called something like los posados, maybe ethan knows it. It was so wierd but the dancing was cool and the chicks dresses were sick. It was stupid though baby jesus was obviously a doll, whats the fun in that. And then satan and his little buds came and danced. It didnt make sense. Sunday we had a cool little talk about specific prayers, there were some cool stories from missionaries who prayed for specific things and got them. Like two prayed that tehy would find someone to help, not mention anything about who they were, then as they left, the person they helped would ask about Christ, and they would teach their family, specifically 8 people. And within 10 minutes after leaving the house that whole thing came true. THey even had exactly 8 people in their family. Its crazy but I cant wait to try something like that.

We got to go for the temple again today, but its the last time well go while im here because its closing. It was cool again, the celestial room again was great. Gosh I love that place. But ya i wish we could go more. Oh ya I got called as zone leader on sunday, which kinda means nothing while im in the ccm. Im kinda happy about it guess itll be a good experience, I just thought I would be a penguin on a telephone wire so its feels wierd. Im not sure what else to say, this week I feel like my spanish got way better. I just think of what I want to say way quicker, its pretty sweet. I keep practicing with Mexicans, its really fun. I dont know if i told you about the Mexicans that live in the same casa as us, they were hilarious and were really fun to talk to. ANyway they all left this week and it was sad cause they were the entertainment for us everynight. We had a huge Mexico vs USA pillow fight the night they left, it was brutal. Other than that, nothing really exciting happens all day, just a bunch of studying and mock lessons. Its super fun.

Welp, eche le ganas, ihope you have a good week everyone. Love you

Elder Crisp

Welp, eche le ganas

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