Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2nd, 2015

Hey how we doing what can I say were killing it out here, I want to wish a happy dead people day to everybody. like smokey robinson said i love it when were crusing, well were definitely cruising along out here we met some some really cool families this week, its cool when you meet people and you set an appointment at 2 o clock and then they tell you not to eat lunch that day cause theyre gonna through food at you and it turns out the food is way super good and they accept the message afterwards and everything. Its really cool, thats what happened with this couple Cesar and Joana theyre way tight. Those people wont lose their reward (DC 88:89-90). Were still working with the same people that had really good testimonies growing from before, it was kinda disappointing with the main man Jhon he was finally prepped and passed his interview for baptism, and they made him start working on Sundays and we tryed to help him with that but till the end of december his minds set on not even attempting to change his schedule to be able to attend church, and be able to get batpized. But its all cool were animated and it looks like we will have at least a couple baptisms before I get out of here well see what happens. The church is true, God lives, He answers our prayers and fasts, He forgives our repented sins and is able to guide us all to make the right decisions that lead to eternal life. the missions the best.

Love Elder Crisp

Ecuador with their rice this field goes for thousands of miles of just rice freaking rice.

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